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Added by MrSmart Report. Game Lists. So you what you see? Submit your description for this title! The difficulty level on this game is relatively kirbt. Share with your Friends:. The game is bright and colorful.

Detalles del Juego

You play as Kirby. You can copy projevt abilities and use them as your own. You will go through many levels and are on a quest to defeat the Dark Matter. This kirby game is in 3D. The game is bright and colorful. The sound is good. The controls feel a little stiff, but nothing major.

Overall Kirby 64 is a decent Kirby game. I went out and bought it the first day it came out, tried it, and loved it! The story is adorable, and the gameplay is awesome! Like any Kirby game, you have the ability to inhale creatures and use their techniques. But unlike all of the previous kirby games, this copy technique has been enhanced - you can now inhale and master descargar rom kirby 64 para project 64 abilities instead of one! For instance, you can inhale two fire creatures and get a mega fire ability, or try combining fire with rock and get something entirely different!

The difficulty level on this game is relatively kirvy. Nothing was easy as pie or insanely difficult, but fell somewhere in between. The first levels were easy, and the last ones were challenging. Just as it should be. Although I love Kirby Superstar, this game competes with it very well! In my opinion, this is the best Kirby game ever. It has a unique system where you can combine any ability with another one to creat a new, more powerful descargar rom kirby 64 para project 64. Ranging from exploding throwing stars to becoming a refrigerator, the game encourages experimentation.

The graphics in this game may be a little childish, but it looks so clear and sharp that you just have to love them. This Kirby title is just as bright and cheery as his other adventures, except that unlike most of his adventures, this one is portrayed in full 3D graphics.

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The game was notable because it let Kirby swallow two enemies and combine their powers for crazy results. Added by MrSmart Report.

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