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These include creating green ghostly images of himself, stretching his arms, the use of a chain, and the ability to knock back the enemy with a force field. He appears to be a brawler for the most part, but he deacargar also shape his arms into what looks like drills and what also looks like black whirlwinds. White Ranger Posted May 29, For the most part he retains the usual moves as the original, but he has been given a brutal AI, and few hypers that involve a flurry of slashing like attacks kyi name of some. Reply to this topic A good character overall. Posted November 8,

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Enjoy :. He was most likely made to be just clobe simple clone of Kyo. He does have a glitch were when the round starts he leaves behind a clone of himself. He has the specials of both Kyo-1, Kyo-2, and the edit, Kyo Clone 10 see below. Good for any roster. If anyone finds more differences, let me know. Hypers include a rapid puch flurry, a ball and chain, and changing into a giant saw blade.

Kyo-5 by H. Still suitable for a boss non the less. It fills up each time he lands a successful hit on the foe. Decent overall. New specials include a flame wheel projectile that acts like a boomerang, a flying fire kick, and teleporting to name a few. Hypers include fire breath, waves of flame, and slamming his foe into the ground from the sky. He is a little cheap, but good for the roster.

He has the same specials, and hypers as the original too. Uses a gauge in addition to the usual power gauge. A good character in chsrs. Well suited for the roster. His damage output is also very high, and the AI is descargar chars de kyo clone 107 merciless. Well suited for the roster none the less. He has the same specials as the original, but feature some shadowy explosions for effects, hypers include an uppercut that sends the opponent flying, and a huge flaming, shadowy, explosion to name a couple.

He plays pretty much the same as the original, but his flames have been edited to match that of Orochi. Has a unique hyper that involves a huge energy pillar. He has a bit more health then the norm, and his AI is brutal, so he makes a good boss. He has many hypers, these include a rapid punch that ends descargar chars de kyo clone 107 an explosion, trapping his foe in a whirlwind, and causing a series of tremors to name off some. Download if you like cheap edits.

As you can see from the cchars pictured, he suffers from a minor bug were he switches between palettes while idle. A good character regardless.

He is AI only, descatgar very fast, able to perform many specials and hypers in quick succession. Well suited for any roster. He has both fire and electric based attacks, hypers include a ground pound that causes a lightning strike, and a mix of both a series of punches and flame pillars to name a few. If anybody finds something I missed let me know.

He retains the usual fire based attacks, but has been given numerous full-screen hypers consisting of flames, eruptions, and a fire bird. Makes for a good boss battle. Still suitable for the roster though. One special includes sending a fireball across the ground for a brief moment then turning it into a projectile. Hypers include enhanced versions of his specials, and a rising flaming uppercut that slightly resembles a shoryuken.

Most of his hypers are brawler based each using a series of punches and kicks, but one features kyl delivering a punch so strong it covers the entire stage in flames. He retains all his specials and hypers. Some of his animations have glitched palettes, but this is minor at best. A good character overall. If anyone does please let me know. His moveset is very similar to the original, but features purple flames instead of the norm.

His AI is brutal, so he is great for a boss battle. He is just as balanced as the original, and descargar chars de kyo clone 107 for any roster.

Has Another Iori and Chizuru Kagura as strikers. Great for any roster. A decent character in all. He lcone the usual moveset, specials, and hypers in all.

Compatible with Midnight Bliss. He retains his usual moveset, specials and hypers. Download if you like Dragon Ball. He retains the usual moveset, and also has Marukare as a hyper, as well a few full-screen hypers as well. He retains the usual moveset, and now features quite a few full-screen hypers, and has Chizuru Kagura, Kusanagi, and two versions of Iori as strikers.

He was most likely made as a simple clone of Kusanagi himself, and as such he is just a great as the original. Features Dreamcancels and Supercancels. Still a good character though. As descargar chars de kyo clone 107 name suggests the Kusanagi has been made into a grappler, he retains the usual moveset, but all his specials and hypers involve him grabbing descadgar opponent and causing explosions, and flame pillars.

Download if you enjoy grappler type characters. If anyone finds more let me know. Still worth a try however. I highly recommend this one. He has gameplay from the fan-made game The King of Fighters Memorial, and as the name implies his flames are white instead of the usual.

Has many full-screen hypers, and one were he transforms into a flame beast. His AI is pretty tough, so he fills the roll for desfargar mid-boss really well. Has Chargecancels, and Supercancels. Has Iori Yagami as a striker. His AI is pretty tough, so ky makes for a good boss. Has Sachiel as a striker. If anyone does so please let me know. He retains all the specials and hypers as the other version. He has the basic moves, specials, and hypers as the original, and has several new hypers, most of which are full-screen.

Other hypers include a meteor from the kho, and a tiger shaped fireball to name a couple. The A stands for Another, he retains all the specials, and hypers as the original. He is still decent overall. He retains all his specials, and hypers like most edits. The only thing extra he has is Iori and Chizuru as strikers. Strangely he has no new specials or hypers whatsoever. Nothing new has been added.

He has the basic moves, specials, ans hypers as the original. Even so, he is a unique character and well suited for any roster. If anyone does let me know. He retains all his basic moves, specials, and hypers. The effects of his specials are pretty cool as well. His AI brutal, so he is best suited for a boss battle. Well clohe fro any roster. He is capable of performing one hyper then another about half way through before the first even finishes, usually resulting in completely locking down the opponent and giving them no time to retreat.

He retains the usual moveset, along with his specials, and hypers. These include a flame wheel, and Rock Howard as a striker. He far surpasses that of a cheap boss character to the point were he can only be defeated by characters like Rare Akuma, or Hastur. Download if you like cheap characters.

He now has dreamcancels and chargecancels, and has KoF XI styled gameplay. His health is extremely high, and his heavy attacks can knock off nearly half of the opponents health, and almost all his hyper are one-hit KO.

He has a mode select depending desccargar which palette you choose. He retains the usual moveset, specials and hypers as the original. No new moves have been added as far as I can tell. He retains the usual moves as the original. He has the specials, and hypers as the original, as well one uniqe hyper involving a large cone of fire. His AI is brutal.