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This Janemba was too much of a match for Goku and even Vegeta upon arriving to help him. Unknown 11 de junio de a las Like his jahemba state, he has many unique abilities like teleportation, being able to destroy the fabric of interdimensional gates which break off into little glass pieces that target his enemyand can generate a sword. See below. At the Japanese box office, the film sold 3. Both Goku and Vegeta are no match for Janemba and are forced to hide.


Goku and Vegeta"is a Japanese animated fantasy martial arts film and the 12th film in the Dragon Ball Z series. Descafgar the Other Worlda teenage "oni" guarding a spirit cleansing machine turns the volume of his walkman up so loud that he fails pelifula change the evil essence tank when necessary. Due to the overload of evil essence, the machine explodes and the "oni" is transformed into a huge-childlike monster with power over the laws regarding the worlds of the living and the dead.

As a result, both worlds are thrown into chaos: in the living world, several deceased are brought back to life, while in the other world, beings who were allowed to keep their bodies turn into spirits, and vice versa. While fighting in pelicual final of another Other World Tournament, Goku and Pikkon are interrupted by the appearance of a crystal-like substance all over the place, and are sent to see to the disturbance.

They find the Check-In Station and most of the Other World encased in crystal-like jelly beans which are immune to their energy attacks. From inside the station, King Yemma directs them to the culprit, sitting on the roof. The monster, who is unable to say anything other than its own name, Janemba, refuses to put the barrier back after Pikkon insists.

Earth comes under siege by an array of villains and zombies, one of desacrgar a comical parody of Adolf Hitler and his Wehrmachtas well as ba,l army of deceased past villains led by Frieza.

Gohan makes quick work of Frieza, causing the villains to scatter. During the fray, Goten and Trunks gather the Dragon Balls, summon Shenron and ask him to put the barrier between the living and deceased worlds back up, but Shenron claims that he cannot grant the wish since only King Yemma has that kind of power.

In Hell, Goku and Janemba engage in a game-like fight, with Janemba taking the dragon ball z pelicula janemba descargar hand against Goku. Goku realizes that despite Janemba likely not meaning any oelicula harm, he is nevertheless a danger to both janemmba, and powers up to Super Saiyan 3. Dragon ball z pelicula janemba descargar his new form, Goku dominates Janemba and literally smashes his head in, deacargar Janemba merely transforms into a much smaller but more powerful and sinister form and again takes the upper hand, almost killing Goku, but a deceased Vegetahaving regained his physical body, arrives in time to help.

Dragon ball z pelicula janemba descargar Goku and Jannemba are no match for Janemba and are forced to hide. Goku proposes fusion, but Vegeta refuses to join bodies with Goku, given his pride.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, most of the villains are defeated. Pikkon continues to try to free King Yemma, but to no avail, and in his anger, insults the crystal substance, causing it to crack. After much persuasion, Vegeta agrees to fuse with Goku via the fusion dance, but Vegeta fails to extend his forefinger at the last minute and the fusion fails, resulting in a weak, obese "fighter" named Veku.

Pelixula beats Veku severely and almost kills him, but the fusion wears off and Goku and Vegeta escape in time. Pikkon arrives to stall Janemba while Goku and Vegeta try the fusion again, this time successfully performing the ultimate fusion into Gogeta. Meanwhile on Earth, Goten and Trunks sense that their fathers have fused, and decide to fuse themselves into Gotenks to help rid the world of the undead.

Gogeta swiftly gains cescargar advantage over Janemba. But rather than kill him, he uses his power to cleanse Janemba of all dfscargar inside him, reverting him to his teenage "oni" form, who runs away from Gogeta in horror.

With Janemba gone, his hold over the Multiverse disappears and the deceased return to the Afterlife. After sharing a good-natured farewell with Goku, Vegeta reverts to spirit form and disappears. The janwmba comes to an end with the still-summoned Shenron, asking if anyone wants to make a wish. He is a demon of pure evil, spawned drsgon an accident at the Other World check-in station when a worker ogre caused the spirit cleanser to overload.

In this form, he does not know any other words other than his own name, which he repeats. Fat Janemba displays many unique abilities; such as opening portals, dragon ball z pelicula janemba descargar doppelgangers, and firing ki blasts through the pores on his stomach.

Despite his power he transformed eragon Goku more than stood a chance against him when he was Super Saiyan 3. Like his previous state, he has many unique abilities like teleportation, being able to destroy the fabric bapl interdimensional gates which break off into little glass pieces that target his enemyand can generate a sword.

This Janemba was too much of a match for Goku and even Vegeta upon arriving to help him. Goku and Vegeta then fuse into Gogeta, who puts up more than a fair fight, and defeats Janemba, and is restored back to the little ogre boy whose body was taken over by him.

Janemba has since appeared in the video games as well as in dragno other Dragon Ball media. Like most other warriors formed via the fusion dance, Gogeta wears the traditional Metamoran attire and always appears as a Super Saiyan. In the film, Gogeta is formed by Goku and a reluctant Vegeta after realizing they are no match for the demon Janemba separately. Once they are able to perform the dance properly, Gogeta quickly overpowers Janemba.

In this form, he sports unruly, shoulder-length red hair and reddish-brown fur dragon ball z pelicula janemba descargar his torso. This version of Gogeta behaved more childish and arrogant in order to provoke Omega Shenron to launch his Negative energy ball, which Gogeta needed to reverse the descarhar energy into positive energy to save the earth.

Though being significantly more powerful than the Shadow Dragon, Gogeta is unable to defeat Omega Shenron due to him defusing much sooner than expected. A second English dub produced and released exclusively in Malaysia by Speedy Video features an unknown voice cast.

At the Japanese box office, the film sold 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from The Monster Janemba. Toei Animation. Release date. Running time. Son Goku, Turtle Hermit, Kuririn. Prlicula Works. Retrieved 19 February World Bank. Retrieved 18 June PR Newswire. Retrieved 10 November Theatrical Trailer". Box Office Mojo. Dragon Ball anime and films. Super Dragon Ball Heroes episodes. Son Goku and His Friends Dragon ball z pelicula janemba descargar Episode of Bardock.

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