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That video blew up way beyond my expectations. That kind of flying. So the question is, how do we find time to do everything else? So something that was like pop, because it was accessible, and yet something that took you on the journey that progressive rock took you. I listened to the first one quite a bit when it came out, and have been getting into the new one more and more, so I definitely see legs with this project. That came out last month. He was an absolute pioneer of the instrument.

Drummer Mike Portnoy is one of the busiest, most diverse musicians around. He has chops to spare and most everyone who sees him in action is struck with elation and amazement from the experience.

It happened when I saw him with Dream Theater inwith Flying Colors inand twice with the Flying colors mike portnoy descargar whatsapp Dogs — in and again inthe night after I did the following interview with him. Together, the Winery Dogs ran through an song set featuring songs from their self-titled debut and their sophomore release, Hot Streak.

Sheehan taps, slides and is basically like the Eddie Van Halen of bass. A few nights later, he would incite chaos in Beverly Hills during one of his mind-numbing solos. When it came to his solo, Portnoy left no surface within striking distance untouched. I never realized playing the floor or a mic stand could sound so intense. Once, he broke out a certain smaller drum set we discuss below, it was like there was no limit to where he would go next.

Aside from getting the latest on the Winery Dogs, the drummer and I spoke about his role as the organizer of a tribute flying colors mike portnoy descargar whatsapp Yes bassist Chris Squire aboard the Cruise To The Edge cruise that sails on November The Winery Dogs are finishing up their U. S Tour. How have the shows been going? Started on the East coast and here we are, wrapping up on the West coast. The turnouts have been great.

The fans have been awesome. The Winery Dogs is a priority for all three of us. Even though all three of us have lots of things that we do, the Winery Dogs is our home base. So the question is, how do we find time to do everything else?

We penciled in our starting point to reconvene, which was in January. We wrote the music at that point, and then we went into the studio in May to actually record it, and here we are on the road with it.

How does that work? Do the three of you sit in a room and work out songs? Do you jam out riffs and build from there? How would describe the process? Once the three of us have the music, then Richie Kotzen will go off and write the lyrics and deal with the vocals. Most people see you three, they automatically note the musicianship.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, not just with this record, but with the first record as well, that was always the goal with this band, you know when the three of us first got together. You know, we could have gone in many, many different directions, but I think the three of us all unanimously wanted to do something that was very song- and vocal-oriented. I think the three of us have all done our fair share of instrumental technical shred fests throughout our careers.

We really wanted to do something that was really more of a very song-oriented band. Do you think the band has established a signature sound for itself? Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I think we have our signature sound and style, but as musicians and writers, we always want to try new things each time around as well. You and Billy Sheehan obviously have that classic simpatico relationship that exists between a bass player and a drummer. How has that developed? Billy and I have been playing in different things over the last 20 years or so, but this is the first time that we have actually come together to be in an all-original band together.

He and I are very similar players to our respective instruments. When you see us live, the two of us are the type of players who like to fly off the seat of our pants. We really feed off each other really well. I love playing with him. I can tell laughs. Do you guys see yourself in that sort of power trio mold? You mention Cream.

Can you tell me anything about what you have planned? To be asked to participate and put together this tribute is, for me, an honor. Neal Morse and Casey McPherson are also on this cruise. Any chance of hearing a little something from Transatlantic or Flying Colors? I caught your show in Torrance last year and it was excellent. Any plans to do more with them in the next year? A third album or more touring?

Not likely in the next year. Getting back to Yes for just a moment, how much of an influence have they had on your career? I would imagine it goes pretty deep with you. Yeah, absolutely, they were one of my first introductions to progressive music. I went through a huge Yes phase when I was a teenager. Dream Theater and Yes toured together inwhich flying colors mike portnoy descargar whatsapp a lot of fun.

On my prog cruise, I had my own cruise I put together last year called Progressive Nation at Sea, and at that, Transatlantic did a whole Yes set with Jon Anderson singing. So yeah, my history with Yes as both a fan and a musical collaborator runs pretty deep through the years. Did you ever play with Chris Squire at all? No, I never did. Obviously, I hung with him, we toured together and we spent time together. But I never actually played with him, no. But he was always one of my favorite bass players of all time.

He was an absolute pioneer of the instrument. Those are the bass pioneers of their time. Can you tell me a little more about that project? It started with the four of us, but it grew over the years to lineups that sometimes exceeded to 12 different people at one time. So it kept growing and growing.

Finally, last year, we decided to get together to make an album of original material. That came out last month. We just want to play wherever we can. That sounds really cool. How long is that going to take you through?

The Winery Dogs, we pick back up at the end of January. We go over to Europe. We will be in Europe throughout January and February. Basically, we got most of penciled in, going back through the States again, maybe go back to Europe over the summer for festivals, make our way down to South America.

In doing my research, I was watching some of your webcam videos on YouTube, and the sheer volume and diversity of music that you have recorded is mind-blowing. Are there any challenges in going from genre to genre like that? Honestly, no. For me, the biggest challenge is the scheduling. I jump from tour to tour to tour, and band to band to band, so that part is difficult. But honestly, the music is the easy part for me.

Does it flying colors mike portnoy descargar whatsapp get too hectic for you to be involved in so many different projects? No, it comes natural to me.

One video I saw was of you playing a Flying colors mike portnoy descargar whatsapp Kitty drum set. Any plans to take that set out on tour? That video blew up way beyond my expectations. Stay connected. John Lennon Gimme Some Truth. The Ultimate Mixes. October 8, October 2, I Was. July 16, The Eric Burdon Interview August 27, The Glenn Hughes Interview August 28,