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The longest song on the album, it features excellent lead guitar that takes a huge solo for the first half of the track, although vocals add mabol on some sections of the song. MetalIndia Magazine. Cravinov13 November 20th Comments. April 15, Musically, the album contains oriental instruments, two choruses, traditional Yemenite chants sung by Shlomit Leviand quotes of biblical verses from the story of the deluge, read by vocalist Kobi Farhi. El Norra Alila.

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Release Date: Tracklist. Album Rating: 5. I was planning on reviewing it eventually. Nice review. Excellent review. I love this band. I have heard many songs on this album, but I dont have it yet, although I intend to get it soon. Album Rating: 4. Eh I love this too. Good review. I love Opeth. Sorry Yeah did I mention this album rules. This is a must have for anhivirus metal fan. First impressions are lame. I just bought this.

Gonna give it a listen soon. CDs are expensive as a motherfucker down here. Did you get the one with the bonus CD? Mzbool and this review is infinitely better than mine. Yeah, I got the bonus with the acoustic live tracks. Review Summary: One of the best metal albums ever, Mabool takes Israeli folk music and mashes it together with some of the tightest and greatest metal sounds in modern music. Rank: 10 for I know next to nothing about metal.

Progressive death metal with a tinge of doom? I never explored metal and I only get into it every once in a while when a really special and unique band comes along. It needs something else to it like acoustic sections, a great clean vocalist, or maybe some Israeli folk music. Orphaned Land happens to have all three. With tracks titled Building the Ark and Mabool The Flood mwbool, it seems almost inevitable that the album revolves around that timeless Biblical story.

However, the first half of the album sets a slew of different characters. It tells the story of three sons, whom the band describes as symbols for the three monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. As they fail to prevent more war based on the differences of their religions, God forces them to face the flood. A typical metal album could easily cover this concept, but Orphaned Land takes the album to a new level with the addition of Hebrew and Arabic lyrics amongst various Israeli folk instruments mixed in with incredible metal sound.

Their metal sounds much like Opeth, mixing angry growls with perfect clean vocals. The band almost never resorts to the stereotypical double-bass fury with ladn drop-D power orphaned land mabool descargar antivirus. Even when the double bass enters, the instruments have some sort of noticeable melody, brought through with the excellent production.

Orphaned Land also possesses a great synthesizer sound, which floats on top of everything in whatever voicing orphaned land mabool descargar antivirus the song best. Halo Dies The Wrath of God goes through the different metal sounds of the band perfectly, switching tempos and feels masterfully.

The song opens with a midtempo headbanging fest with excellent clean vocals. The use of Middle Eastern instruments add a great originality to the sound. Still further, the song picks up even more tempo with a lightning-fast Eastern influenced guitar riff.

This is just half the song and the song continues to go through various different changes including a much softer acoustic section. Mabool hosts a slew of acoustic and softer tracks, one of the best being The Calm Before the Flood. It features a solitary acoustic guitar going through a great chord progression. As the guitar switches to a clean electric sound, beautiful synthesizer swells and strings add to the atmosphere of the song as faintly, the wind can be heard off in the distance.

While not technically challenging, the song serves only to work as its title. Orphaned Land proves they create the most beautiful music as well as the most brutal. Even the acoustic tracks possess variety and contrast, as Rainbow The Resurrection stands as a nearly polar opposite dsecargar The Calm Before the Flood.

Where Calm Before the Flood was more brooding and anticipating, Rainbow is a orphanex of emotion and tension. A much happier antivius keyed acoustic guitar sings over the background noise of birds chirping. It makes a great, subtle ending orphaned land mabool descargar antivirus the epic proportions that Mabool takes on itself.

A woman sings in a foreign language over ethnic percussion and a Orphaned land mabool descargar antivirus Eastern stringed instrument. Every track on the album is phenomenal, whether it be the symphonic metal of Mabool The Flood or the subtly beautiful Norra El Norra Entering the Arkorphaned land mabool descargar antivirus ranges from the best mix of Israeli folk and metal possible to a wonderful piano solo that ends the song on a fade.

However, nothing compares to the epic standards of The Storm Still Rages. The longest song on the album, it features excellent lead guitar that takes a huge solo for the first half of the track, although vocals add in on orphxned sections of the song.

The lead guitarist realizes that a shred fest for nine minutes would suck, so he plays mabiol more tastefully, only reaching his full speed at antivvirus climaxes. However, the true climax of the song comes at a huge angelic choir ending, used in the same manner as dredg on their closing track The Canyon Behind Her. Mabool stands among the greatest metal albums of all time due to its consistency, variety, and overall excellence in musicianship.

The harmonies, the vocals, the overall production, and everything about the album reaches for perfection. The album is surprisingly easy to listen all the way through, especially with its stronger ending. This album belongs in the hands of anybody who listens to music. Das Racist Relax.

The Weeknd Thursday. Shabazz Palaces Black Up. Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues. El Norra Alila. All Is One. Unsung Prophets and Dead.

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