I wanna be the rukimin descargar

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Install Game. In this location you have to collect 2 hidden items to get to the white fruit boss. To find them you have to go through all map to find it. Game is divided in 3 chapters. Well, I am glad they did and I Wanna Be the Boshy is full of fun Easter eggs like this that will make you smile…… before making you cry. There is a reason that I Wanna Be the Boshy is wannx popular with streamers. Medley fangames patch together small segments from a variety of fangames in sequence.


Delicious Fruit. Find a fangame: Advanced Login Register. Average Difficulty Screenshots by zebbe94 by zebbe94 by zebbe94 by zebbe94 by zebbe94 by zebbe94 by ElCochran90 by zebbe94 by zebbe94 by zebbe94 by ElCochran90 by ElCochran90 by zebbe94 by zebbe94 by zebbe94 by Thenewgeezer by zebbe Its not the game is purely bad, but it was not enjoyable and had just the right level of good parts to make you wonder if you should keep trudging through it which made me dislike it even more as it went on.

Everything about it feels like it has the right level of quality to seem like it could be good, but actually be bad. Production value looks alright, but some of the visuals just serve to make the gameplay worse. Additionally, it uses assets from other games well, then mixes them with generic garbage that feels horribly out of place and half-assed. It has some well implemented sound effects but audio quality is mediocre and music restarts as to be expected of the era.

It starts off with an interesting premise and leads to what seems like it would be an interesting concept which pulls you in but every idea feels designed worse and implemented poorly. This game is basically run the marathon except where everything is done wrong.

Read More. Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick. Rating: 2. May 23, i wanna be the rukimin descargar First off, the concept of the game is really great. The Minecraft World is very well-made, with interesting gimmicks, funny trolls and overall being a very well-designed stage Although the boss was i wanna be the rukimin descargar bit too hard for a first boss.

No way. Also, the lightning balls in the castle stage are a bit too RNG-heavy. Spikes, again. Other than that, very well-made stage, loved how the Mario Kid jumps and the star placement. Some traps are a bit Meh, but some are funny. Funny trolls that clearly show who made this stage, along with some extra attractions. More or less.

I feel like they could be so much better The GB area is good. Fangame, however, is just not alright. Finally, we have Final Fantasy IX. Other than that, liked the traps and the other kids unlocking paths for you.

Another big complaint I have about the game regards the game as a whole. Most traps in the game are good, but after a while it gets really repetitive. Would still recommend. If anything, the first stage is really amazing. Rating: i wanna be the rukimin descargar. Aug 7, Paragus A pretty long fangame that has the player going into various worlds themed on other video games, each of which has their own gimmicks.

Just an overall really well made game from top to bottom and a final boss fight that is pretty epic. Rating: 9. Feb 14, Rating: 1. Jun 6, Bosses vary between meh and great, the final boss, especially, is a good challenge. May 4,