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Expect spoilers if you click through. Mass Effect 3 has had several downloadable content packages released which expand on some aspects of the single-player game, including most recently the " Omega " package, but this week Bioware let loose rather a different single-player pack: the " Citadel " DLC. Instead, the DLC quite literally lets the crew of the Normandy get boozed up and partied out When Mass Effect 3 was released a bit over a year ago, the reviews were mixed.

It drew praise for its strong story and powerful emotional beats, but at the same time there was the issue of that ending —it was an amazing hour-plus journey capped off with what many felt was 15 minutes of hand-waving and three bad and essentially identical choices. The friendships and romances formed are a significant part of the attraction, far more so than the combat, which has never really been my favorite.

Sure, the moments were obvious fan service, but after years of following the series, these palate-cleansing bits of fun were refreshing—more than refreshing, in fact. They were humanizing. But what if there were more than a few isolated moments of fun to be had? What if there were a DLC containing a mass effect 3 guia oficial descargar hours of pure, mass effect 3 guia oficial descargar silliness? The DLC is a big, wet, sloppy three-hour fan-service kiss Even the main plot mission, involving the theft of the Normandy by an unexpectedly familiar evil-doer, is carried off with tongue firmly in cheek.

Mass Effect 3 is generally a pretty serious game, dealing with a galactic-level extinction event and the destruction of all known life.

Without dropping spoilers, the DLC is timed to take place after the midpoint in the game. Every important crewmember from each game gets a moment alone with Shepard.

Some scenes, like those devoted to assassin and potential love interest Thane Kriosare heartbreaking; others, like bailing young Krogan teammate Grunt out from an encounter with Citadel Securitywill make you smile so hard that your face will be in danger of cracking.

Even love interests given short shrift in Mass Effect 3 like Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor are allowed one last extended scene with Shepard. The folks at Bioware have absolutely outdone themselves, cramming in an almost overwhelming number of inside jokes and giggles. For players like me who are emotionally invested in the series, "Citadel" is excellent. Whether or not it fits in with the larger tone of Mass Effect 3 is questionable, but it gives us all one last chance to see Shepard and his crew happy.

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