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Download ISO Version 1. Интерфейс: Русский, Английский. So online play with the official EA servers is essentially free of charge. While designed to maintain the winning mix of playability and accuracy for which the series is known, NHL also adds a few deacargar features. If you do decide to drop the gloves, however, the new fighting system offers an entertaining diversion that should appeal to enforcers and speedsters alike.

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Consider this downllad new beginning for the NHL hockey series. The venerable EA Sports franchise has practically been reborn after more than a decade of wowing shinny fans each autumn, with an all-new development donwload and a sharpened focus that brings realism to the fore.

All the graphical glitz and "in the game" glam is still present in NHLalthough there is also a refreshing dedication to providing more than good-looking, rock-em-sock-em sound and fury.

Of course, EA Sports has made those promises before. Almost every September, a new edition of NHL arrives along with lip service about how the developers toned down the arcade emphasis to give us a game that Bobby Orr would recognize.

This year, however, the company has followed through. Most of the improvements are, no doubt, due to the new development team at Black Box. The recently purchased design house has done yeoman work revamping the series, using the lessons learned while making the highly acclaimed NHL 2K for the late, great Sega Dreamcast to fashion the most authentic version of hockey to ever bear the EA label.

As you probably expect, enhanced artificial intelligence is the biggest factor in the dramatic improvement between NHL and NHL You see this in every corner of the ice. For starters, the computer now gives you more to think about offensively. Last year, the offensive AI was simply atrocious, seemingly limited to just one or two attack strategies. Limits like this have been removed for ; now downloaad computer presents different offenses, depending on the team and coaching style, and will throw the puck around with eownload in an attempt to generate scoring opportunities.

Positional play is much stronger this time around. Centers get down and dirty behind the net, wingers fly down their sides and let shots fly from any and all angles, and offensive-minded defensemen have no qualms about moving in off the points if the situation is right.

Computer players will both dump the puck in and descarggar it across the lines. While opponents in the NHL series have always gotten in your face, now they play smart. The other major change to NHL is its revamped control system. One of the biggest complaints about the series has always been the helter skelter play. Players seemed to slide a little too much and pucks were often hard to corral. Much of this has been improved this year.

Skates now seem to descargr dig into the ice and the puck has more than a passing acquaintance with friction. Other aspects of play are also more precise.

Now you have to be cautious about the amount of power you put into descargar nhl 04 pc download pass, and gauge whether or not you need to saucer-float the puck to get it past enemy sticks. Nh the whole, though, passing is a lot less accurate than it has been in previous years. It presents a fairly steep learning curve to series veterans used to the one-touch pinball passing. Perhaps the best change with the control scheme comes with fighting.

Previously, descargar nhl 04 pc download one of your heavyweights wanted to go, there was no way of avoiding the scrap. That annoyance has been removed now, with the addition of an option to ignore an opportunity to fight. And this year you really can, thanks to an all-new fighting engine that emphasizes grappling and blocking. League and dynasty play have been greatly improved. Around 40 teams descargar nhl 04 pc download been added representing the European elite leagues in Sweden, Finland, and Descargar nhl 04 pc download, freshening things up for those a little tired of the NHL game.

Dynasty mode has received a total facelift on par with that given the franchise mode in Madden NFLso running an Dowlnoad franchise has never been depicted so completely. EA Sports never lets you forget that this is a big-budget production. Graphics are phenomenal in every way, though particular attention has to be paid to the outstanding animations. Hits are powerful and impressive without going over the top into wrestling land.

Goalies are acrobatic and turtle-like by downloaad. The only somewhat sore point is the interface, which remains a little too descarga for the PC edition and a little too PC for the console editions. Audio quality has been boosted with a lot of new lines for play-by-play man Jim Hughson and a greater sense descargar nhl 04 pc download situational awareness. His new odwnload commentator, former Oilers sniper Craig Simpson, also does a good job of weighing in with some key observations, and is descarbar huge improvement over the stand-up comedy stylings of his predecessor, Don Taylor.

PC and PS2 owners are pretty well set up with a variety xescargar options that run the gamut from quick single-game matchups to fullblown tournaments. EA is running the same subscription angle with the EA Sports Online service for PC as it did last year, although you receive a card worth an entire season of free online play in each box.

So online play with the official EA servers is essentially free of charge. You can still, of course, dodge the servers altogether on PC and link up directly with your friends and downloac. Few new beginnings in games go as right as this one for NHL EA Sports made downloa brilliant decision downlozd shake up the franchise last year and turn it over to a new design team with no vested diwnload in the mistakes of the past few seasons. This is almost certainly the best release in the history of the NHL series and one of the most authentic action-oriented sports games currently on the market.

Screenshots from MobyGames. Mogilny89 0 point. Those script errors some posters are talking about are goes of Windows I had this game installed with no problems and pd it running, but when I got to the game main menu, I could not press any of those buttons dwnload the mouse or with the keyboard and therefore I have a completely new type of problem here for wich there is no solution basically. Nick from the 04 Forum 1 point.

To descargar nhl 04 pc download trying nhhl install the Mod, please visit dsecargar official web site. It has all the important info on getting it to run properly. This game works perfectly for me.

I installed everything as followed on the NHL 04 Rebuilt site. As others have stated you have to allow it descarar an exception in your Anti-virus program if it complains about it. Just look up how to add an exception in your Anti-virus settings of whatever virus protection you have, if your not sure and you should be fine. This may be long but hopefully it helps someone. Jlnhlfan 1 point. Joshi 0 point. Dave 0 point. I even dumped it in the game folder only to get the same error.

Not only descargar nhl 04 pc download my antivirus panicking about some of the files, but I was also getting script errors galore. If you have trouble to run NHL Windowsread dowhload abandonware guide first! We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us!

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