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All the characters are great. See all 5 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Prepare for Silverlight 5 end of support after October Verified Purchase. Hey there, nihht it across from the very end : not clicking it. MC screeches pervert, when we are walked in on them?

Album: Voices In The Night

The project is in development, if you find any glitches or bugs and wish to report them to the dev. You can find us on discord or twitter!

Silver:Line is fantasy visual novel created by our small development team at Codev Productions. Your choices will lead you through their lives, and your decisions will have a great impact on how their stories unfold.

Recruited as an imperial scholar serving the crown of Lucarene, you lead a peaceful life at the castle, responsible for researching, tracking, and recording everything there is to know about the royal city.

You set off on a journey, featuring a colourful cast and new horizons. Log in with itch. So sad its a demo, hope to see the full thing someday!!! I did the demo and look forward to the release of the game, especially meeting Nathaniel. Im curious to see their adventures and how our decisions impact the story line. The only thing that bothers me is that for some reason it hurts my eyes and feels like theirs a grey film over everything.

I dont think so because they mentioned on May 4th that they were facing some problems but were still doing it on kickstarter Played the demo and it got me hooked.

There are a few minor issues though. Also, in the Estelle teaser, Harrision yells "There you are. Lucas is the best btw. Love silverline voices in the night descargar ares the characters already. I just figured out how the speed controls work. Just drag from the very end of the of the slider. The other problems are still there though. I wonder about that since their last update is Decit late April already and not even a update?

I love the diverse set of characters, the art, and the voice casting. Can we keep him? His sales hooks killed me. This is such a great game, the character designs and personalities are amazing, the graphics are beautiful, the story line is interesting.

The art is beautiful, the story interesting, and the endearing characters further increase the enjoyment of the game. The only thing I regret is missing the kickstarter, and losing the opportunity to buy rewards or beta access.

I loved it! All the characters are great. Any ideas for what might be causing this?? This happens with both the 32 and 64 bit versions, and my computer is a Mac if that helps. I do this now and it works for a variety of different itch.

This game is so fantastic!! Easily one of the best visual novels I have ever played. Eagerly awaiting more from you :. I stumbled across this game looking for a different game. I was thinking about playing this game and installed it. I love it so much!

This game is amazing so far! I love Lucas so much, ngl. Also had a window pop-up with "Are you sure? I just started and this happened, I wish the creator responded to your post. This is lovely on many different levels. Not much to comment on with the story, atm, but there is potential. The demo is a little wobbly, though. It shows promise and the artstyle is good but the UI feels a bit too unresponsive at times. I really liked the demo, it was super interesting, and the art style was amazing.

Good luck with finishing project and patching bugs. I absolutely love this game! Since the campaign was unsuccessful! I love this game. Silver:Line is sooo good! I never like to cough up silverline voices in the night descargar ares. I always just download free mobile games or demos. But, I really want this game to be fully developed. I just love this game so much. Please, pretty please, do finish the game some day.

I will patiently wait. I am sorry to you tell the developers that the demo does not work on my pc i have tried windows bit 32 and 64 exrected and run but it all stop at the start up screen black screen and it stays that way. Hi there! Somehow his sprite seems a bit off. A bit wide, may I say? Since the quality is better than most such games at least I think sothe music should be so too!

In fact, your game may exceed commercial ones, even! Now, how likely is it that you may implement voicing for all characters, for the entire game?

It shows that a lot of time was spent on polishing the game bit by bit! Best of luck on your way! Have tried to reinstall the game, no dice Kickstarter is a site used to create campaigns to financially support several kinds of projects, including Silver:Line. This indicates that this is an actual demo of the game, which is currently being developed.

I really wanted to play more, but it was getting near impossible to continue Hey there! Oh no! So sorry to hear about the freezes. Do you think you can provide us with more info? What build were you on? And what specs are your PC? I was on the build 1. Art, CG and the voice acting was A class. Usually I cringe when I hear voice actors on VN that are not Japanese, because they sound pretty awkward and unprofessional cant blame thembut here it sounds very fitting.

The moving animation was just purely amazingly. I noticed the animation tried to match with the voice of the actors initially as well. Not just that the game also have a range of expression for the main characters as well and each was placed appropriately depend on the scenario. The CG and transition between character dialogues are smooth. The CG itself is so very well made and I noticed one particular transition in the beginning when it turned from day to night.

That was very fluid and I almost felt like I was watching an anime for a second. The choices you make also create different situation. Not sure plot wise but the amount of effort that was made into the game CG, voice actors and animation is definitely top class. I do have a complaint regarding the key setting. Silverline voices in the night descargar ares wish I can hide the textbox to look at the CG sometime and since this dont look like it was made with RenPy some of the normal key button is not the same.

Such as the save function, quick save, load and quick load arent as accessible because there are no hotkey or when you press esc it doesnt exactly pop out the menu UI for you. This is especially inconvenient because you cant scroll with your mouse wheel and remake your choices because once again this is not your normal 2D VN they have animations and VA. The game mechanic itself, but definitely would pay 40 dollars or more for this VN if I get to play the full game and silverline voices in the night descargar ares has interesting plot.

Thank you for writing a such a long message to us! This game is so cool the characters there like amazing and the desine ate so cute i like lucas and the ch charCter that we name. Very cool. Great art, like the story so far, looking forward to seeing more.

The bath scene was a big nope for me xD like our F! MC screeches pervert, when we are walked in on them?