It was only a blind date. Nothing expected. Instead, it was incredible! Helen's friend had asked her to come out to the pub to meet some guy. He was her current lover's mate who was just in town for the night. Could she just come out to make things even?Not much of a pub goer, but happy to help her friend, Helen agreed to be picked up at 7:30pm. When the phone rang at six she hadn't even started getting ready. There would be a change of plan. Mark, the mate, was collecting her in fifteen minutes as they now had a booking for dinner at 6:30! Wow! Thanks for the notice! Five minutes in the shower and five more for makeup. Time was ticking.She was just slipping into her dress as the doorbell rang.That was when the zip decided to stick! Helen tried and tried but couldn't get it to budge. The doorbell rang again. Now she had no choice but to answer it with the dress gaping all the way down the back. Flushed with embarrassment, and nerves, she opened the door to be met by the most captivating man she had laid eyes on.He was just over six foot, with fair skin, piercing blue eyes that creased in the corners as he smiled, and the sexiest voice she had ever heard. As he offered his hand in greeting she forgot the dress, and was reaching out her hand when her shoulder strap began to slip down her arm. Snatching her hand back, she managed to stop the dress from falling off, leading to her reluctantly explaining to Mark about her zip. Watching her closely, with a look she couldn't read, he asked if he could try to fix it. Turning, she realised the whole of her back was exposed to this sexy stranger; whatever must he think? It was like electricity passing through her when his fingers brushed her skin. Easily he got the zip to work, but appeared to be taking his time sliding it up against her tingling spine. When the dress was fastened correctly, he put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her closer before leaving a lingering kiss on her neck. "Thats the most pleasant welcome I have ever received, thank you!" Mark chuckled. Helen was now completely flustered and falling under his spell as she let herself be led out to the waiting taxi. As he closed the cab's door Mark explained, plausibly, another change of plan! Their friends would no longer be joining them as something had cropped up, hence the change to the dining arrangements. "So sorry for the short notice, it was the only booking I could get." Then after the shortest of pauses, "Did I mentioned how incredible you look? That dress is fantastic!"Before Helen had time to respond once her blush had subsided, Mark announced they had arrived at the restaurant.It was a small Italian restaurant with candles flickering on each table; they were led to a secluded corner, and left alone. As she looked across at him, she found he was already gazing at her with a look that gave her goosebumps. "Mind if I move my chair closer? Easier for talking; I want to know as much about you as I can," Mark said. When he was re-settled, their chairs were so close that their legs were touching. Conversation flowed easily as the delicious food just seemed to disappear from their plates, and throughout it all Mark's touch was constant. His thigh against hers, his hand touching her arm, his eyes on hers. Sometime during the meal, the conversation turned from friendly to flirty, and then, downright seductive. Mark's hand moved to her knee as he turned further towards her, trailing his fingers down her cheek. Looking intently into her eyes, he leaned in close as their mouths touched. Her breathing stopped as his lips sensually caressed hers, but too soon it was over. The twinkle in his eyes showed it was just a tease.They shared a dessert and several kisses, each one lingering longer than the previous, until his tongue was tasting hers and the back of his hand was brushing her breast. His fingers were sliding up the inside of her thigh, when a discreet cough from the waiter brought them back to reality.Forgoing the coffee and paying the bill, they hurried outside hand in hand. Mark pulled her around a corner to an unlit spot and pinned her against a wall. His hands roamed over her as he kissed her with increasing passion; all logical thoughts had gone. Mark stooped a little, grinding his hardened crotch against hers. Her heart spoke to her, 'Oh god, it feels good, ' but her conscience responded, 'you're still in the car park for anyone to see!' "Mark, we need to go," Helen finally managed to whisper. Dragging his lips from her skin, Mark had a dazed look before realisation dawned, and he eased himself away. He paused for a second, walked into the rays of street light, then hailed a passing taxi. Raw nerves tingling, she collapsed into the taxi seat trying to make sense of the situation. Here she was with an almost complete stranger and all she wanted was to to feel his touch all over her; how could that be? She wasn't normally the type to give into her feelings so easily, but this man had rendered her senseless from the first touch. When the taxi stopped outside a club, she was a little surprised."I don't want this evening to end just yet," Mark explained as he led her into the crowded room. "Lets have a drink and a dance first." Helen didn't protest. They managed to get seats right at the end of the bar against the wall, and as she sat down her dress rose up; Mark was watching. He reached out and pulled her stool closer, so close that his knees were either side of her right leg. They continued chatting and drinking as she learnt more about his family, the company he worked for, and the fact that he actually came through Helen's town fairly regularly. Kissing her again, she felt him shift even closer so that his left knee was in her crotch. While one hand held her head close, his other hand pulled the small of her back closer still. Then she felt him grinding his knee into her
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- oooh, that felt good! She realized her arousal had been growing quickly ever since he zipped her dress earlier that evening.Mark groaned as he pulled his lips from hers and said, "Lets dance." Oh no! Was that a damp spot on his knee? She knew she was turned on, but was ridiculous to think that she could have caused that! On the crowded dance floor, he held her closely. A hand on her hip and the other round her shoulder, he kissed her neck and told her what a fantastic evening he was having. His aftershave was intoxicating, and his touch overwhelming. Helen was having a fantastic evening too. Rubbing pelvises together as their hands caressed each others bodies, they 'danced' on the crowded floor. They felt very comfortable together when they finally returned to their seats to have another drink. What with the heat, drink, and being very aroused, Helen was so relaxed she didn't seem to notice when her thin strap slipped off her shoulder. Mark hadn't missed it, and neither did the barman. Her dress was balanced on the curve under her shoulder blade and as Mark leaned in to kiss her, his fingers brushed her breast, causing the dress to slip lower, exposing her nipple. Again he caressed her, but this time on her bare skin, and gently rubbed her hardened nub. Gasping, Helen made to pull the dress back into place, but Mark held her hand and softly said, "Leave it please. It's so beautiful, and no-one can see." Not sure what had come over her, Helen agreed, and sat at the bar with her breast on display as she continued her drink. Before she had finished, the barman stood beside her holding her next drink. His eyes were glued to her nipple as he licked his lips, and winked saying, "This is on the house." When the barman had left, Mark told her how amazing she looked, as he slipped his hand under her dress and rested it on her thigh. Flushed, giddy, and aroused as never before, she felt his fingers slide up her leg until he reached her damp crotch. Gently he teased her, rubbing his finger up and down her wet panties until she was squirming. Kissing her, he slipped inside her panties and began to finger her oozing pussy. Oh fuck! This was just too much! On the verge of an orgasm, Helen tried to pull his hand away and begged to leave. "No, Sweetpea, not yet. Cum for me and we can leave," Mark whispered, as his finger slid in and out of her and his thumb rested on her clit. Under his spell, Helen gave into the sensations and closed her eyes. He pushed two fingers deep inside, bent them, easily finding her g-spot, and firmly rubbed. Her body grew tense as her breathing became laboured. Almost totally overwhelmed, she felt cool fingers gently pinching her nipple. Oh, that was too much; she couldn't hold back as the orgasm rushed through her body. Her eyes tightened with the ecstasy till she felt her tear ducts would explode. She allowed her eyes to fly open, only to see the fingers playing with her hard, teased, nub belonged to the barman! Dazed, she sat slumped on the stool watching Mark lick her juices from each of his fingers, as the very pleased, flushed, barman took their empty glasses away. "Okay, now we can leave," Mark grinned. Shakily, she rearranged her clothes, leaning on Mark as they left. As they passed the barman he whispered, "Cum again soon." The cool night air brought her back to reality as they waited for a taxi to take her home. How had she possibly allowed herself to be so wanton? How could she ever get this night from her mind? Subdued, she climbed into the back seat with Mark and he pulled her close, cuddling her against his chest. "I know you are embarrassed, Sweetpea, but there is no shame in letting go and giving in to all those emotions I sense you have repressed for far too long. And besides which," Mark continued, "that was the hottest sight I have ever seen. You really are amazing!"Gradually Helen relaxed until Mark was once again kissing her. Instantly, she was aroused; how did he do this to her? This time she gave in completely. Unbuttoning his shirt hastily, she slipped her hand in, caressing his chest. She found his nipple and played with it roughly. He found her nipples, also, but with his tongue! Ohh yesss! Slipping the strap off her shoulder, he pulled the dress down and hungrily sucked one nipple while fondling the other breast. Her hand slid down to his bulging crutch, and she rubbed the hardness through his trousers. He pulled her hand away as he quickly unzipped and pulled his cock out for her. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she lent down, and licked his tip, before flicking it with her tongue. Mark groaned his approval. Helen kissed and sucked the head of his hard cock while stroking up and down. She loved the feel of his veins and ridges on her tongue as her lips teased him. He pulled the hem of her dress up, exposing her drenched panties, before plunging a finger deep inside her. Her pussy contracted round his finger as she got her first taste of his juices - yumm! Slipping a hand lower, she cradled his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze, all the while sucking and stroking the sexiest man she had ever met. Suddenly they realized the taxi had stopped. For how long neither of them knew, but looking up they were met by the eyes of the taxi driver boring into them through the rear vision mirror. His gruff voice barked, "Fuck, you guys are incredible! Can I get me a taste of that hot pussy?" "Hell no! She's all mine," Mark replied, ushering Helen out of the taxi as he threw a twenty at the gaping driver.Fumbling with the keys, they finally made it inside as their hands played all over each other. Wrapped together, they stumbled towards the bedroom. Once inside, he turned Helen away from him, and pulled her zip down. The dress fell in a puddle at her feet. "I never wanted it fastened up in the first place," Mark growled as his lips caressed her shoulder.

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