Adult Movies With Brunettes From Spain Rubbing Penis With Hand

Adult Movies With Brunettes From Spain Rubbing Penis With Hand

She squeezed her fingers in a ring around the base of his cock and brushed the soft hair on his balls with her pinkie. His hips began to thrust and she felt the shaft thicken and pulse between her lips. She pulled the cock from her mouth with a wet pop and turned it away as it loosed its seed to splatter on the grass beside her. He grunted and Carrie smiled as he looked wide-eyed down upon her. Another senior stood next to him in the shadow thrown by the stage, shallow breaths coming from him as he rubbed the front of his pants. She beckoned him closer, shifting to her other hip. Next to her, Stacey was hammering away at a tall guy’s skinny cock like it was a gummed up sauce bottle. “Pet it like a puppy, Stace. Make him think you love it, not hate it.” She slowed and softened her strokes. The other two girls looked on rapt, wondering. Eager, but fearful. Carrie smiled at the lot of them, knowing it looked like a sneer. Pretty girls—small-town pretty—with their tight jeans and white tops showing off what assets they had, faces painted and all sass and giggles for show, but when it came push to shove, as clueless as any. Carrie knew they’d get knocked up soon after prom by the first jock that wandered into their lives, but at least they’d know how to suck his cock. There was applause from the auditorium, then the music kicked up again. This town seemed to love its dancing stocks, though nobody here was really that good. She was, and she knew it. Her parents knew it, too, and they thought they were doing her a favor by putting her in the dance school. These monthly meets were a chance for all the seniors and college kids to gather behind the stage, out of sight of all the folks—she’d been told it was a make-out spot, but now it was so much more. The second guy dropped his pants in front of her to reveal a nice thick cock, well on its way to hard. She took it gently in hand, smeared the bead of precum over the head. She looked at the other girls, gazing at her now as she coaxed the penis to full stretch, and kissed down the shaft. She gave Stacey puppy eyes, and the girl blushed and turned her attention back to the cock in her hand. Pretty girl, yeah, but no adventure there. Look at all the guys, she thought, lining up. She wasn’t a slut—no matter what some people might say. She wasn’t even an exhibitionist, really. But she did love to get the boys off. Maybe it was a power thing—hell, she couldn’t deny a feeling of satisfaction knowing these other girls looked on her with awe and envy. Maybe power. But she did love the feel of their cocks in her hand, swelling then spurting, hips bucking uncontrollably…even the taste wasn’t so bad once you got used to it. But that was only for the nice boys. They’d moved to this dump-ass town almost four months ago. Not easy to make friends when all the circles were already tight-knit, but she had life behind her, and now she had the popular girls at her beck and call what with a little bit of knowledge about what the boys really like. It’d been harder for Mark, she knew, but they were old enough now she didn’t have to feel like she needed to look after him. She’d seen him hanging out with those skater boys from the other town. She smiled as the guy put his hand softly on her hair. She took his cock deeper, pressing him into the back of her throat, fighting back the gag. He groaned. There was a squeal of excitement, and she drew away and turned her head to see Stacey smiling, with cum dribbling down her fingers. Carrie stroked the wet cock before her and looked up into his face. He stared down at her blankly. Damn it, probably a year older than her—Mark’s age? Seventeen at least, and never had his cock sucked. She popped the head in her mouth and gave it a soft bite. The least she could do was make it memorable. *** He remembered when they were younger they’d do everything together. They were thick as thieves. They almost had their own code they spoke in to hide stuff from their parents. Well, they had to grow up eventually. Maybe it was moving around all the time that made it all seem to happen faster. “Yellow skirt,” Damo said. “Damn, I’d tap that.” Mark had watched with them as she made her way confidently behind the stage with the other girls, and he’d since seen a couple of the local seniors come out, all smiling and excited. He wasn’t really into what these other guys were—skating and smoking was the main of it—but he’d learned enough about just about everything over the years to talk his way into favor. Times he had to fight his way out, but he’d learned that, too. He had to agree with them on this, though, the girl was fucking pretty. If it was anyone but Carrie he’d have been hounding her through town. When he jerked off at night she’d be…well, she was, but that was only once or twice. He’d quickly learned the other girls weren’t interested in boys that didn’t have cars and money. When did that happen? But damn, Carrie had grown up. Nobody in town knew they were brother and sister, which was cool with him. It was interesting to see how people reacted to her. A couple of times they’d been hanging out and she’d pass them, with her friends or alone, and the guys would comment—talk about her ass and her legs, her golden brown hair, her nice titties that seemed to have popped into being without his noticing. When did that happen? He’d had no problem sharing with the guys what he’d do to her…a slight pang of guilt at the knowledge it was his sister, but then, it was only pretend. Only now, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. About those lovely legs, and the shadows her skirts made. He couldn’t stop wondering about the secrets in those shadows. And he imagined grabbing her tits in his hands, squeezing. “I’m gonna fuck that chick,” Steve said. “You ain’t getting near it,” Damo said. A couple more local guys, shit, college jocks these ones, were creeping round back of the stage as a song finished. Mark watched them whispering and laughing to each other, cajoling some courage into each other. The music picked up, some shitty ballet. This was the stuff Carrie danced, when she wasn’t busy gifting handjobs to the bumpkins. “Let’s go then,” he said. The guys looked at him. “Well, are you all talk? Stay here if you want, I’m gonna get some of that ass.” He stood and walked towards the darkness behind the stage. He heard the other guys fall in behind him. *** His hand was firm now on the back of her head. He wanted to cum so badly, but she was enjoying drawing out his need. The girls were taking turns sucking and licking at another guy’s dick—the brother of another friend, from what she gathered, and they were giggling away. Carrie felt herself getting hot, and she slipped a hand beneath her skirt. Her finger found a warm damp patch at her crotch, and she moaned quietly at the jolt of pleasure she gave herself. The guy above her moaned, too, and she turned her focus back to him. Her tongue flickered out and licked along the bottom of his shaft, then up over the head. She took him deep, felt him filling her mouth and throat, then pulled away slightly. She looked up and saw him looking at the others—probably at the pretty girls. Enough, then, she thought. She tightened her lips and make a slight sucking pressure as she pumped with her fist. He was focusing all on her, now. She pounded away, and then he seemed to cum all in a rush, spattering in her mouth like hot needles. She swallowed what she could before he pulled away, leaving a small salty trail in her mouth. Kind of sweet. She leaned over to spit on the grass, and she shifted to her knees. When she looked up there was another thick cock thrust in her face. It hovered there, pulsing. She began looking up, then she felt her head pulled forwards, and the cock made contact with her lips. “Well,” she said, and opened her mouth to let the hot organ in. As she ran her tongue over the head and shaped her lips about the shaft, she felt the press of the hands letting up. She relaxed and let the boy’s cock in further. He groaned. Something about that groan… She looked see the face of her brother. She paused, and was about to push him away, when she felt his hands again, pressing her down on his hard, thick cock. “You lot,” Mark said. “Fuck off.” The other guys getting serviced by the girls fled, whining. Carrie stretched to make eye contact with Stacey, who looked ready to run, but held firm—good girl—the other two hovering close behind her. Three other guys, the ones Mark hung out with from the town over, started talking to the girls. Carrie’s eyes searched Mark’s face, faint in the shadow. Beneath his cruel smile she saw a hint of amusement, that subtle look he had when they shared a secret from mom and dad. She couldn’t help but smile back. And there was a thrill of real excitement, danger almost, in her stomach. Carrie realized she was still stroking the wet patch at her panties—and wasn’t it wet now. “Hey guys,” said Mark. “I think she likes it.” *** Those sweet pink lips that used to whisper secrets in his ear looked so pretty as they slid up and down the meat of his cock. She gazed up into his eyes the whole time—all the innocence of her returned, and he couldn’t help but reach down to stroke her cheek. She seemed to respond, her eyes fluttering and her tongue playing hotly on the underside of his cock. She was beautiful, and he wanted to tell her. Nearby, the guys had surrounded the blond girl. Damo had his cock out, at half mast, encouraging her to play with it. The others were mostly looking at Carrie, sucking hard on Mark’s cock with a hand beneath her skirt. Mark cupped his hands around Carrie’s head, and she groaned in pleasure. He grabbed handfuls of her hair, and pressed her firmly but tenderly down on his cock. She pulled away and took a gasping breath. She seemed about to say something, but just opened up and went down on his cock once more. He took Carrie by the shoulders and pulled her forward onto all fours. Her hand came from between her legs to support herself, and she grunted with surprise. Mark dropped to his knees and inserted himself between her lips. She looked at him, wondering, but still didn’t question. He stroked her back and lifted her shirt to reveal creamy pale skin beneath. He stroked about her waist and the faint heaviness of her stomach underneath. He pulled the shirt higher, up under her arms, then began to release the clasp of her bra. “Unh-unh,” came the muffled voice beneath him as Carrie shook her head, worried now. “What are you going to do,” Mark said, “tell your mom?” The guys chuckled, and Carrie’s brow drew down. Soon, though, with her watchful eyes still on his, she began slowly to move her lips over his shaft again. He undid the last hook, and reached underneath to pull the cups from Carrie’s breasts. One of the guys breathed a noise as they watched. Damo’s cock was hard in the blond girl’s hand now, but even he was watching as Mark reached down to caress Carrie’s soft, heavy breasts. He touched her hard nipples, weighed her tits in his hands, and massaged the delicious flesh. They hung there like the ripest fruits, ready for picking. He squeezed them firmly, enjoying the feel of her, and Carrie replied by pressing her teeth softly beneath the head of his cock. He sucked a sharp breath in. He slid a hand up
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and down her back. She was like the finest satin. The curve of her hip was mesmerizing as she knelt there on all fours. He traced it and let a finger slide beneath the tight band of her skirt. He looked down to see his sister’s eyes closed, her face dreamy, his cock disappearing then slickly reappearing from the sacred passage of her lips. He looked over at the guys. They knew what he wanted them to do. *** She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of Mark’s hands on her back and tits—soft, gentle strokes. Her stomach was churning, wondering what was happening, but also excited—so damn excited, if the tingling all over her pussy was anything to go by. She looked up into her brother’s eyes, but his attention was on her body. She shivered, feeling the ultimate thrill of being watched. His cock was at once rock hard, and silky smooth. His glans gave softly at the pressure of her lips, and she could feel him shudder in response to each stroke of her tongue. She felt a coolness on her legs, and pausing, she felt her skirt raised above her hips. She tried to turn her head but Mark grabbed a fistful of her hair to keep her in place—the look on his face said it was no time to stop. She twisted and saw Stacey was gone—so were the boys. Suddenly hands were on her ass, and then her panties were being pulled down her thighs. They snagged a little in the dampness of her pussy, but the tug was insistent. Now there were touches on her bare ass. She felt her anus clench at the feel of hot hands. Her moist cunt shuddered in the cool air. Mark softened his grip as he thrust hard into her mouth, his cock hammering the back of her throat. She groaned to get his attention, but he just looked down at her with dreamy eyes. She was angry, frightened of the boys behind her, but in that moment she wanted nothing more than to please Mark. Hands were pinching at her ass and pussy lips. One cheeky finger dipped into her wet tunnel. She felt frightened now, alone. Until she looked up and saw her brother’s face, and she knew he’d look after him. She sucked a kiss on the tip of his cock, and laid her hand on his hip. He squeezed her tits with a piercing pleasure and began thrusting his hips. She felt so bare and exposed. The cool night brushed against the wetness between her legs, and seemed to intensify the heat of those tentative, invading fingers. They pinched at her labia, grabbed handfuls of her ass. Stroked at her thighs and rubbed vigorously at her clit. One gave her a firm slap on the ass, but not hard enough to sting. She relaxed her hips, opened herself out a little to the feel of the fingers between her legs. She wanted to rub at her clit, to show them where to touch, to bring her to the edge, but Mark’s firm hands held her down on all fours. Mark watched it all with intense curiosity. His hands were running through her hair now, stroking firmly at the back of her neck. Her hand fell to the ground to steady her as he began to thrust his hips. She could feel his orgasm building, and she was determined to make it a good one. She tried to ignore the hands on her ass, and focus on Mark’s—pinching at her tits and stroking her head. She sucked and licked at his cock, playing her tongue all over the heated shaft. Suddenly he seemed to halt, then he thrust deep and hard down her throat. She held off the gag as his cock pulsed, then she pulled out as the first spurt of semen raced from the thick shaft. It filled her mouth with his thick semen, and it seemed it wouldn’t end. His hands tightened as jolts of orgasm shook him. Cum began to leak from her lips, and she was forced to swallow. Finally his orgasm subsided, and he held her in place a moment, swirling his cock about in the pool he’d left in her mouth. He withdrew from her lips, and she tasted his cum—thick and sweet, somehow reminding her of home. She swallowed it all, and licked her lips to catch every last drop. Mark reached down to stroke her cheek, and she closed her eyes and smiled. *** “Damn, the little slut is hungry.” “Yeah,” Mark said. “I guess she is.” Carrie opened her eyes, and he looked at her sitting there on all fours, licking the cum off her chin. Her clothes were in disarray, her bared ass and sexy back making him excited again. “I guess you are a little slut, aren’t you?” She started to shake her head, a pretend look of hurt in her eyes. His cock was still rock hard, and he could see the slickness of Carrie’s spit on it. The guys were touching her ass and pussy, and she was just watching him—wanting him to do something. He knew what he wanted to do. “You’re gonna act like a whore,” he said, stepping round behind her, “well, I’m gonna treat you like one.” He shooed away the guys, and Damo said, “Yeah, give it to her.” Mark shook as he stood behind his kneeling sister. Her ass was so tight and round, her pussy a wet line almost hidden between her milky soft thighs. He stroked her lower back, and she twisted her head to look at him. “No,” she said, shaking her head. She tried to turn around but he put pressure on her back, holding her in place. Her ass cheeks seemed to glimmer in the moonlight. He stroked them softly, revelling in the fleshiness. His hand slipped down and he felt the wetness that had spread and smeared over her inner thighs. Carrie’s head went back in pleasure. He lifted a finger to stroke at the moist passage to her pussy. Her back arched as he ran his finger slowly along her lips and teased at her clit. He bit his lip, fascinated by her wetness. He pulled his hand away, and her ass strained upwards, seeking the touch again. He unclipped her skirt and lifted one knee at a time to tug off her panties. He ran his hands up her sweet ankles and calves, kneading at the flesh of her thighs. He reached around to grab at her breasts, then he lifted her up to her knees. He pulled her close, feeling the hardness of her ribs beneath her tits, smelling the sweet perfume of her hair as he whispered to her: “You want this, don’t you.” She groaned at his touch but didn’t answer his question. “God damn,” said one of the guys. “Look at those titties.” “Look at that ass.” *** Carrie knelt frozen in place. Naked and exposed, her heart was thundering. She was about to be humiliated. Shamed and laughed at. Any moment now. But his hands remained soothing and gentle in their touch. The faint sting and bruising of the other guys’ ministrations remained, and it felt as though Mark’s kind hands sought to take that pain, to shape it into unknown pleasures. She was shivering against him, nerves and fear. But there was desire, too. So close to the surface. She could still taste him. She could smell him as he nuzzled her neck. She could feel him against her, arms wrapping her tight. The exquisite ache between her legs was one of longing. It needed to be filled, and her need was about to explode. Her breasts tingled as he stroked them, coaxing even more hardness from her taut nipples. Mark pulled her loose top and bra over her head. She was naked, now. Damp, and tightly held against her brother’s firm frame. His cock was pressed between her buttocks and up her back. He slid his hands down her stomach and pressed two fingers into her wet mound. She shuddered in delight and pushed back against him, eager to feel his hardness against her. And that was all the answer he needed. He guided her back down to hands and knees. She curled her fingers into the dewy grass as she felt him position himself between her knees. She tried to look round to see where he was—to make sure it was Mark—but the guys had taken up position in front of her, cocks out and stroking furiously, tugging at her head for attention. She could feel the burning heat of Mark’s cock as it touched her outer lips—an electric feeling as he made contact with her warmth. She barely moved—barely could—as he eased himself forward, the head of his cock dipping between her lips and pushing into her tight pussy. He seemed to pause, and she almost begged him not to stop. The sensation rushed through her, his heat melding with hers. Then he entered her an inch more, and again. Soon her brother was as deep as she could take him, a hot crucible sending pulses of pleasure outward from her center. She groaned and squeezed her pussy tight, sliding against the slickness of him within her, embracing her brother the only way she could. *** Her tight cunt so hot and wet he thought he’d die. He squeezed at her butt cheeks, and held her hips, thrusting slowly but deep. Before he knew it she began to push back, her ass slapping against his legs. She got down to her elbows, and a hoarse groan escaped her. Her hips opened out, allowing him deeper, beckoning him within. He watched her bouncing ass, the tight pink hole between her cheeks. As he reached up to stroke the back of her neck she gave a soft squeal—then another. She thrust back against him with sharp motions. He felt the walls of her pussy tighten, and watched as her sweet little asshole squirmed and pulsed. He was compelled to press a finger against it. She groaned as she came, then sagged beneath him when she was done. But he wasn’t done. He pulled his cock from her dripping pussy and rolled her over. She lay there on the grass beneath him, a look of surprise on her face as if noticing him for the first time. Her swollen tits lay sweetly on her chest. The wet mess around her pussy shone in the moon’s faint light. Mark lowered himself further and positioned himself at her pussy again. Her hands went to his shoulders, and for a moment he thought she’d push him away, but she only pulled him closer. He flicked at her hardened clit with the head of his cock, awakening her again, then slipped himself all the way inside her. She felt so damn good, his little sis, all wet and dripping beneath him. Her tits shook as he thrust over and over into her. One of the guys knelt and offered his cock to Carrie’s mouth. Without missing a beat she began to suck him off, but all the while watching Mark. The others had a turn at getting sucked off, before Mark told them to stand back. It felt like it didn’t matter he was fucking his sister. It wasn’t wrong because they weren’t doing it in secret. Out here in front of an audience, it just was what it was. She was so pretty, lying there, and he told her so. “I’m going to kill you for this,” she told him. He lay himself down against her and kissed her cheek. “I love you, sis.” Her breath caught, and she turned her head slightly, her lips brushing against his. He kissed the corner of her mouth, and as one their tongues slid out. In a moment they had their lips pressed tight, tongues entwined. He squeezed her tits as he thrust into her. Their breathing quickened, their gasps building. He felt Carrie’s knees lift and his cock pressed into the deepest, warmest part of her pussy. Before he knew it his cock was thundering as cum spewed into his lovely sister. She held him tight and close, caressing him as he came. They lay there, gazing into one another’s eyes for what seemed like all night. Suddenly a ripple of applause sounded from the front of the stage, and Mark was brought back to the present. The guys made sounds of awe, still fisting their cocks at the sight of the beautiful girl splayed before them. “We get a turn now?” Damo asked. Mark looked down at Carrie, and said. “No. I think I’ll keep this one for myself.”

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