Sex with an adorable girl hanging out at the train station

Sex with an adorable girl hanging out at the train station

Helen was a bit hesitant to use the shower in the strange bathroom without any chance for modesty. To her big relief, Lisa left the room, announcing that she had to fetch something from the garden and with Jen still facing the wall she could enjoy the spray of warm water that washed away the sticky remainders of their dirty games. She thoroughly rinsed her mouth and was grateful to finally get rid of the stale taste of urine, and she tried not to look at the strange toilet that still held almost a half-gallon of Jen’s pee. Only after she finished her shower did she notice that there weren’t any towels around, but the room was warm enough not to freeze, and so she simply stood next to the drain in the floor and let the drops trickle down her skin while she waited for Lisa to reappear. Which didn’t take all that long. The girl was almost skipping now, her mood once more completely changed, and Helen couldn’t help but connect it to Jen’s imminent punishment. Her hand held a plastic bag that, while bulging a bit, didn’t appear to be heavy. Humming a little tune under her breath, she pushed another glass panel to the side, exposing a huge wardrobe and pulling some undergarments out of it. She sat down on the edge of the bed and put the bag and garments next to her. "Jen, come here!" Her girlfriend hesitantly traipsed over to her, warily eying the items of clothing. "I’ve found the perfect punishment for you, isn’t that great?" Lisa exclaimed once the blonde was standing in front of her. "Yes, Lisa, it is," Jen answered without conviction. "You’ll get to wear some very special undergarments," Lisa purred while she reached into a pocket of her bathrobe, pulled out a rubber glove and put it on, "they’ll remind you about your misdeed for some time." She picked up the bra and put it on her lap, the inside of the cups facing upwards. Reaching into the bag with her glove-covered hand, she pulled out a handful of something green and started to spread it on the bra. Helen gasped when she recognized the pointed, slightly jagged outline of the leaves. Stinging nettles! Jen’s reaction was even more pronounced, her whole body jerked as if slapped. "Oh god, no," she stammered, "please not!" "If you behave like a slut, I’ll treat you like one. We’ve agreed on that. Now bend forward. Helen held her breath when she watched the blonde slowly bend forward, her breasts getting closer and closer to the dreadful clothing item. She had to admit there was something profoundly sexual and attractive in that act, in the way myriads of emotions flicker over Jen’s skin. When her back was nearly horizontal, Lisa smiled at her and lifted it up by the straps. Jen’s arms slipped through them, and Helen could see the moment the plant made contact with the poor girl’s skin by the pained twitch on her face. Lisa took her time to fasten the bra straps behind her friend’s back, then her hands went to the front again and she massaged her breasts through the fabric, making sure that every inch of skin made painful contact with the leaves. "Tell me you love me," she purred, never stopping her ministrations. "I - I love you," Jen choked, her lower lip trembling. "You’re so sweet." Lisa’s eyes trailed into the distance for a moment, and when she refocused, they held that wicked gleam again. "Slut, get your pathetic old ass here!" Helen’s heart made a somersault when she realized that Lisa was talking to her, and hastily stumbled over to the two girls, her skin and hair still wet and leaving a trail of blotches on the floor. "Yes, Mistress," she gasped, hoping to make up for the moment of hesitation. "Here Jen," Lisa held out the panties to her girlfriend, "you can stand straight again and put those on." Her eyes swiveled to her older neighbor. "As you were involved in the incident, you’ll also get to partake in the punishment." Jen had stepped into the panties, a pair old-fashioned white cotton style underwear with a bit of leg, ending two inches down her thighs. When Lisa picked up the bag and held it open for Helen, the woman shrank back. "But - may I have the glove, Mistress." The gleeful smile on Lisa’s lips immediately destroyed that hope. "No, you may not. Now don’t dawdle and stuff Jen’s panties, so she can fully experience my treat." It took her a few deep breathes to muster the courage. When her hand finally dug into the nettles and captured a bunch of them, she almost let go again, the stinging, burning sensation felt like small blades were cutting into her skin. She bit her lip and pulled them out, and after an encouraging nod, pulled the front of Jen’s panties away from her body and let the leaves drop inside. She let go of the fabric, and at first, nothing happened. After a few seconds, a muffled sob broke the silence. "More!" Lisa ordered. Helen complied, after adding three more handfuls of nettles to Jen’s front side, the poor girl had to turn around, and she had to stuff the backside with even more of the cruel plant, even making sure on Lisa’s orders to push them all the way between Jen’s buttocks. Her own hand was burning like mad when she was finished, and she could only imagine how torturous this must feel on the most delicate parts of the body. When Jen turned around, rivulets of tears were running down her face and dripping down on her chest, the white fabric of the bra already darkening. Lisa brought up her leg and pressed her knee against her girlfriend’s crotch, who threw back her head and let out a drawn out sob. Lisa’s hands pulled at her arms, and she sank to her knees in a miserable heap. Helen couldn’t help herself and mirrored her, bending close to the poor suffering girl, and whispered, "I’m so sorry." "Oh my," Lisa cooed, "isn’t that sweet." However, when Jen’s face turned towards Helen, tears still spilling and lips trembling, the reply hit her like a slap. "I don’t need your compassion," the girl hissed between sobs, "but you’ll be sorry! Just wait! At least I get licked and kissed by her, something you’ll never experience!" "And right she is," Lisa whispered, "come on; let’s cuddle while you tell me how much you love me." She climbed up the bed and pulled Jen with her, where she embraced her tightly and started to rub her body against her girlfriends, every movement without doubt prolonging and intensifying the torment. Still, Jen sobbed her love and adoration for her merciless girlfriend while Helen could just kneel there and watch the disturbingly erotic scene. * * * * * It was almost an hour later when Lisa let go of Jen, whose sobbing had subsided by now, her body numbed from the constant burning sensation. She was allowed to remove the torturous garments, and Helen gasped when she saw how red and swollen the girl’s breasts and pussy were. Her bum was a sea of red, swollen dots and her breasts resembled water balloons about to burst. Her pussy lips, though, were incredible dark and puffy, and Helen couldn’t put her eyes away. "You like that look?" Lisa’s voice broke her staring, and she looked away full of guilt. "Maybe I’ll try that with you one day. Could you imagine having that done to you, and once your pussy is swollen like this, being stimulated again and again? Would you even be able to reach your climax, or would it be too painful?" Helen gulped and looked down at the floor, unable to respond and fearing that any word she said might be considered an invitation. "Don’t worry; we’ll not be doing that now. But are you up for another round of the game?" The butterflies in Helen’s tummy immediately started their fluttering, and she cursed them to hell and back. "What will I have to do, Mistress?" Lisa tilted her head and grinned. "Nice try, but that’s not how it works. First you tell me if you want to play, then I tell you the task." Helen closed her eyes. She had to stop this. Things were spiraling out of control so quickly; she knew that she was losing herself in the twisted games. However, the butterflies even intensified their dance, and her mouth took on a life of its own. "Okay Mistress, I’ll play." "Good little slut." The words, crude and demeaning as they were, touched that string deep inside the older woman, and she could only helplessly register how it resonated in her pussy and heated it up. "I want you to bring me your clothes. All of them." Helen’s eyes shot up with an expression of disbelief. "But - what will I wear?" "Whatever I allow you to. You’ll come here each morning and I’ll give you your clothes for the day." Lisa’s soft finger stroked her cheek, and a small sigh escaped her lips. "If I allow you any, that is. Does the thought turn you on?" Helen shuddered. The thought was so alien, but exciting too. Having to ask the young girl for clothing, letting her decide what to wear. She might force her to wear the sluttiest, most outrageous things or nothing at all. Wicked images assaulted her mind and her skin started to tingle. "Yes, Mistress," she choked out, embarrassed by her own need and submissiveness. "You’ll find a bunch of folded cardboard boxes at the bottom of the wardrobe over there," she pointed to the open sliding door where she had fetched the underwear, "just stack them on the patio once they’re full, I’ll take care of them later. When you’re finished, you can stay at home until five, that’s when I expect you back here." * * * * * Putting her clothes into the boxes and carrying them over to Lisa’s place was the hardest thing Helen had to do in her life, and that included drinking the beaker full of Jen’s urine. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks with each item of clothing she folded and put into the cardboard containers. Memories of the past came with a lot of the clothes, and it felt like cutting those parts of her life away. Her gown from prom night, the dress she had worn when had applied for her first job, the little black dress she’d worn when she had been on holiday with her parents, just eighteen and full of plans for the future. They all vanished inside the nondescript boxes and ended up on her neighbor’s patio. A few times, she hesitated, thinking about keeping an especially memorable item, or hiding an outfit for emergencies. The submissive yearning inside her won out each time, and the item in question went with the others. She thought herself almost done, when she remembered the dirty wash still in the hamper, and the old, no longer fitting things in the basement, and she had to add a big plastic bag when she ran out of boxes. Finally, she was done, and she felt exhausted, yet somehow also liberated. A look at the clock made her gasp. The last time she had checked the time had been after waking up. Now it was already quarter past four, and she had neither eaten nor had she had anything to drink - besides, that was, Jen’s - she shook her head and focused on the present. After gulping down a big bottle of water and eating a quickly thrown together salad with some cold chicken breast from the fridge she felt a bit more energetic again. She still had time to brush her hair, tousled from drying in the air, back into some resemblance of a hairdo, and to do her nails. After brushing her teeth and looking through the house once more to make sure she hadn’t forgotten any clothes, she headed back to Lisa’s and this time knocked with more force than in the morning. *** This time it was Jen who opened the door, still - or again - nude, but with no sign of swelling or bruises from this morning’s punishment. Her eyes had that twinkle again, and she smiled in appreciation when she looked around the corner and saw the stack of boxes. "Wow, looks like you really did it. That’s truly all of your clothes?" "Yes," Helen confirmed, blushing, "all of them. Even the old ones from the basement." "I’d have loved to watch you do another forfeit," the girl giggled, "but I’m sure that this will open enough possibilities to embarrass you. Now come in, Lisa’s away for an hour, but we can watch a movie while we wait for her." Helen tried not letting the girl see the relief she felt that she had another hour to relax. She stepped into the living room and, at the last second, remembered her earlier orders and got on all fours. Jen closed the door behind her and led her to the big sofa, where she slumped down and patted the space to her right. "Closer," she commanded when Helen sat down with some space between them, and again, until their bodies were touching each other. "Put your left leg over mine." Helen was by now used to getting orders, and didn’t question the command. The blonde girl picked up the remote and pressed a few buttons, and Helen’s eyes immediately widened. She had expected some ‘normal’ movie, perhaps a chick flick, but the image on the screen made in clear from the first second that this was all but. It showed a woman in her thirties, even with a slight resemblance to Helen, bound in a square steel frame so her arms and legs were extended in a forty-five degree angle. Her mouth was filled with some kind of ball with holes, and the bases of her grapefruit-sized breasts were wrapped with rope, making them stick out obscenely. Fingers touched the soft spot between Helen’s thighs and pussy, and she gave a startled yelp. "Hush," Jen commanded, "Lisa wants me to get you excited, and to keep your there, but you’re not allowed to come. If you do, we’ll both be punished. So tell me before you do." Helen slumped back into the couch. So much for getting a break. The fingers kept on toying between her legs, tickling and lightly scratching, and very slowly getting nearer to her most intimate spot. At first, she was able to ignore the girl’s manipulations, but as the fingers got more insistent, the action on the screen really started. Another woman, clad in a black latex corset, had entered the scene and started to caress the bound one. She started out by simply running her
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hands all over her victim’s body, but her touches were getting progressively rougher, and then she was pinching and pulling between caresses and the face of the bound female was awash with a mixture of pleasure and agony. Jen’s fingers parted her pussy lips, and then one of them delved into her folds, meeting no resistance. Helen moaned. The woman in the movie now held some kind of device in her hand with two pointy metal protrusions. When she pressed a button and a spark danced between the points, its purpose became clear. It was like those stun guns advertised at the back of cheap magazines, only smaller, and Helen gasped. The dominant woman was in no hurry. She stroked her victim until her face showed pure ecstasy, and then she would press the device to her nipples or stomach and push the button, making her dance morbidly in her bounds. Then the game started again, with each electric shock lasting a little longer. A long line of drool was seeping out through the ball in the bound female’s mouth. Then the woman in latex pushed the shock device between the other woman’s legs, right over her clit, and held the button for what seemed like ages. The bound one bounced and shook her back arching like a bow, her eyes wide open in a silent scream. A ball of heat threatened to explode between Helen’s thighs, and she remembered her orders at the last minute. "Stop!" She cried out. "I’m, oh god," but to her relief Jen’s fingers immediately left her, and with some willpower, she managed to stop the onslaught of pleasure. She was panting hard, and sweat was forming small droplets all over her body. "That was close," Jen commented, "you might warn me a little earlier next time." "Next time?" Helen asked breathlessly. "Of course. We’ll keep this up until Lisa is back." With that, her fingers started anew, again on the top of her thighs and slowly working their way between Helen’s pussy lips. The movie had been replaced by a different one now. Again, it showed a bound girl, but this time the victim - a young, skinny blonde with high cheekbones and long, straight hair - was kneeling, her wrists and neck in some kind of portable stocks, a large board made from dark wood, her upper body tightly wound in ropes above and below her small breasts that made them sticking out invitingly. Her ankles had been bound to her thighs with the same kind of rope, and her mouth was spread wide open by some kind of metal device that was fastened to her head with a leather strap. All around her, elegantly clothed people, both male and female, were sitting on chairs and watching her. Then a dark-haired lady, close to her fifties and in a moss green evening gown, stood up and approached the girl, and when she got close, she pulled a riding crop from behind her back. The eyes of the blonde widened in fright, but before she could move, the lady had brought down the crop twice, once across each of the poor girl’s breasts, and even while the girl cried out her pain, two narrow red welts appeared on the soft flesh of her orbs. Helen winced when the strokes hit, but at the same time, her pussy clenched hard around the finger that had once again made its way inside her love tunnel. She could feel her arousal rapidly nearing the point of no return again and almost couldn’t believe her eyes when one of the male guests stripped out of his trousers and boxers and approached the girl, his huge cock swollen and stiff before him. He stood above her, his feet at the side of her body, and then he bent a bit forward and pointed his cock at the girl’s mouth. Without waiting, he rammed it inside to the hilt, and the bulge in her throat showed how deep it had gone. "Stop!" Helen had to shout once more, her pussy and skin aflame, and she bobbed back and forth while she tried to quell the arousal. Jen’s fingers once more went to her thighs, but even then, every touch made the muscles in her lower body contract. The movie wasn’t done yet. The man kept his cock buried in the fragile girl’s throat for what must have been half a minute, and when he pulled it out, long strings of saliva dangled from it while the girl fought to get air back in her lungs. She was only given a few seconds of reprieve though, before the cock once more vanished between her lips. Two fingers buried themselves in Helen’s inflamed pussy and started to slowly fuck her. Meanwhile, the guests approached the girl one after another, each one carrying another torture implement. Leather whips, straps, riding crops and even fierce looking bamboo canes rained down on the helpless woman’s body, not sparing a spot. The cock in her throat appeared to hold her in place, though her whole body shook and trembled with each hit, especially when they fell close to her swollen pussy. "Stop! Oh god!" Helen’s whole body was trembling, and she was soaked with sweat. "Please stop," she begged, "I can’t bear it anymore. Please, Jen!" "I can’t stop. Lisa gave me an order. You saw what happens when I defy her." "But I’ll go crazy…" Helen hated hearing herself whine, but she was getting desperate with need, and her body yearned for the sweet release. Jen mercilessly picked her tantalizing ministrations up again, and Helen could only stare at the screen again. The man finally spent himself, shooting his load all over the girl’s face, and stepped back. Four different men came and picked up the girl, carried her to a table and laid her down her on her back. Two of them left again, but the other two went to her sides, each grabbing hold of a knee and pulling it outwards, until her pussy opened like a ripe flower. Helen’s breath was flying, and her whole body tingled. Her nipples threatened to explode, so tight and filled with blood were they. The green lady stepped up to the bound girl again, this time holding one of those bamboo canes, and without ado, started to bring it down hard on the insides of the girl’s thighs. Spittle flew from the girl’s mouth as she threw her head to the sides in a futile protest while the lady painted one red welt after the other on her victim’s upper legs, perfectly lined up with each other and equally spaced. Helen grabbed Jen’s wrist and stopped her movement just in time. Her pussy contracted in waves around the digits, and any minor movement may have set her off. Tears were filling her eyes when she slowly guided the hand away from her, shivering and trembling. The lady in the movie still wasn’t completely satisfied with her handiwork. Lining up the cane right between the girl’s legs, she brought it down twice. The impacts were perfectly aligned on the girl’s pussy lips, and the choked wail, even if it was dampened by the TV speakers, sent goosebumps all over Helen’s back, almost making her come without being touched. "This is so sick," she whispered, still fighting her arousal. "What, the movie, or that it excites you so much?" One of Jen’s fingernails trailed over the older woman’s thigh. "Don’t," Helen gasped, pushing away the hand, "I can’t… oh god… every little touch might set me off…" "But orders are orders!" Jen protested, but then looked thoughtfully at Helen. "Perhaps… That might work… pull up your right leg and hold it close to your body!" Helen couldn’t see what that may change, but she did as told and wrapped her arms around her shin, pulling her leg close to her body. If there was one thing her garden work was good for, she surmised a little cynically, it was flexibility in her lower body, with all the kneeling and bending while weeding the flowerbeds. When Jen once more started to fondle her, a small yelp of protest escaped her. This time, her hand was quite a bit lower, her fingers seeking a way between her buttocks. "No, Jen," she begged, "please not there! That’s so dirty! Not my bum!" "Lisa told me to stick my fingers in you as much as possible. She didn’t say anything about where." "But…" "Hush!" Helen could have stood up and left at that moment, she knew that in the back of her mind. Instead, she waited withheld breath for the finger to find her pucker. Her juices had trickled down her ass crack, probably providing enough lubrication for what Jen had in mind. Then the finger touched her anus, the nail lightly scraping the wrinkled, sensitive flesh, and she let out a shuddering breath. Then the pressure rose, and with it came an uncomfortable feeling. She had never been penetrated there, not even by a fever thermometer, and although she had heard about anal sex, she had always found the idea dirty and depraved. She still did. She clenched her buttocks involuntarily, but she couldn’t stop the finger from slipping inside. With a hot, burning sensation, it slipped past the resistance of her pucker, and she gasped aloud. The feeling was the most embarrassing thing she had experienced, and she closed her eyes. Then the finger started wiggling around inside her, and a new feeling mixed itself into her revulsion. It was… intimacy, she realized, and her resolve crumbled into dust. "How does it feel?" Jen wanted to know at that moment. "Strange." Helen gasped. "Dirty. Full." With a lowered voice, she confessed, "intimate." Jen smiled. "I love my bum being played with too." "But - but I don’t like…" Helen’s protest evaporated and turned into a moan when Jen pushed her digit even deeper into her ass. "Don’t lie to me. But let’s see how much you don’t like it." She pulled out her finger and ordered the older woman to pull up her other leg as well. Then, kneeling down in front of her, she inserted the finger again and slowly started to fuck her bum. For Helen, the penetration itself still had been mostly uncomfortable, but it became more exciting with each stroke. Then there were two fingers worming their way inside her backside, and she gasped at the renewed burning until her pucker had stretched enough to accommodate the intruders. She was too focused on what the girl was doing to her to take notice of the movie. A third finger entered her, and she could only groan at the feeling of fullness. Her stomach rippled with each thrust, and to her own astonishment, she felt the heat between her legs once more rising. Her soft, high-pitched moans made Jen smile in delight. "My, my, what a pleasurable sight," Lisa’s soft voice startled both of them, "don’t let me stop you." Jen appeared to ponder for a moment if there was anything more than the usual sarcasm and which she wasn’t getting, but then she focused back on her deed and started to increase the speed and force with which she pushed her fingers into Helen’s virgin bum hole. Helen herself felt the arousal skyrocket, knowing that Lisa was now watching her, and all too soon, each penetration was accompanied by a hoarse moan. The couch next to her sagged down, and when she opened her eyes; Lisa’s face was only inches from her own. The girl’s sweet lips glistened in the light, and her heart yearned to kiss them. One of Lisa’s delicate fingers trailed over her mouth, and she involuntarily parted her lips, wrapping them around the digit when it pushed its way between them. "Does my little slut want to come?" Helen nodded as good as she could with the finger in her mouth, and trailed her tongue over the soft skin, savoring the moment. "What would you be willing to pay for that privilege?" Lisa’s eyes sparkled, and Helen realized that the whole scene had been another setup to demean her. She couldn’t care less. "Anything," she said, or tried to, what came out was muffled and barely comprehensible. "Oh, I’d be careful with offers like that," Lisa chuckled, "you’ve no idea what you might agree to this way. No, offer me something specific, something that makes me hot. But make it quick, if you come beforehand, I’ll be rather upset." Helen’s thoughts raced. It had to be something demeaning, or painful. Something creative. She could offer to drink Lisa’s pee, but she couldn’t bring herself to do that, the acrid taste still on the forefront of her mind. For a moment, she was at a loss, but then her mind went back to the movies, and she realized, with a strange feeling of gratefulness, that those had probably been played just to give her ideas. "Whiff me," she stammered around the finger still in her mouth, "whiff me harf." "Whip you? I could do that." Lisa didn’t appear averse to the idea. "What should I use, though?" Her eyes bore into Helen’s. "Feh cane!" The words had tumbled out of her mouth before she could think about it, and Lisa’s raised eyebrow told her that it might not have been a good idea. Then the girl’s face brightened until she was almost glowing. "The cane? That’s daring, but I’ll be so glad to indulge you. But first…" Her finger slipped from Helen’s lips, but a second later, two digits were thrust hard into her pussy while the ball of Lisa’s hand pressed forcefully down on her clit. Helen’s lungs started to burn when the fingers were roughly pulled out of her and hammered back inside, while her bum hole received the same treatment and started to burn. Every thrust also scraped over her clit, and it took only a few seconds until the ball of heat in her loins grew hotter than ever before. A tremor started at the end of her spine and slowly consumed her whole body. When it reached her breasts, her last conscious thought collapsed, and her pussy exploded in a wave of incredible pleasure. She threw back her head and screamed her release, again and again, while the two girls kept up their thrusts. She became lightweight and dizzy, but still the wave wouldn’t stop, and she shook, trembled, and flailed until black spots danced before her eyes. Ages later the pleasure finally settled down, and she slumped back, spent and exhausted. She felt the fingers being withdraw from her body, but she was too tired to look, all she could do was try to take deep breaths and ride out the fading sparks that still shook her body.

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