Mature Woman With Big Legs Fucks In The Shower With Her Lover Touching Her Ass

Mature Woman With Big Legs Fucks In The Shower With Her Lover Touching Her Ass

This episode deserves a brief setup. If you have been following the Boy Toy series, you know who the women are. If this is a new read for you, this will be helpful. Veronica is my wife of 30 years now. She is, was, the niece by marriage to Melissa Thompson. She is the only niece or nephew of any form to Melissa Thompson. Even though not blood related, Melissa still took her under her wing and treated her like a daughter- niece -employee- friend...if that makes any sense at all. Melissa inherited a large company from her father, and quickly turned it into a very large company. Veronica came to live with Melissa the year she graduated from high school, at 16 years old. Melissa was not really the motherly type, yet proved to be a dedicated provider and care giver. She treated Veronica more like a peer than a teenager. Sweet young Veronica was soon involved in lots of business activities and functions that were well beyond her years. But Veronica knew no different, and quickly developed a keen business acumen of her own. Veronica was a business savant, soaking up and retaining knowledge like a sponge. How I came to 'know' Melissa, is a story all by itself. It's Part 4 I believe of my Boy Toy series. It turns out that Ms. Thompson was a dear friend of Gypsy Savage. Gypsy was introduced to me by a friend. The night Gypsy and I met, we became lovers. She was the 40 something year old lover that took me from a bumbling fumbling groper, to a true impassioned love maker. The next morning, after breakfast, on a whim, we became business partners in an ill-conceived plan for me to, eh-hem, service all her wealthy horny lady friends...for money. Gypsy was a widow in her early forties, young at heart and beautiful, well built and a free spirited hippie who refused to grow up or old. She had an unpretentiousness about her that made everyone trust and love her. Just as Melissa had taken Veronica as an understudy, Gypsy had taken me under her wing, to train as a Boy Toy for all her rich friends. Gypsy quickly became my soul mate , my business partner, my 'Cougar' even before their was such a term, and my pimp and best friend, all rolled into one hot little package. In just a few hours, she had arranged my first paid appointment. Gypsy proudly announced that she was going to make us a thriving 'business', and she was going to do it by renting out my cock to all her horny girlfriends. Thank God my mother and Gypsy were not friends. This is how I was accidentally reunited with Ms. Thompson. It seems Gypsy and Melissa had been friends for years. When Gypsy sent me on my second appointment, she had no idea that I already knew the client. But hell, I didn't know I knew the client either. It was an office appointment in a professional building downtown, so I didn't associate the name with the address. As I waited in the lobby for my appointment time, I looked at the portraits of the officers of the company hanging on the walls. It was then that I realized the woman I was to meet with, was the very same Ms. Thompson that was my mom's friend. It had been four years since I had seen Ms. Thompson. I was all 'grown up' now. I wondered if she would recognize me, or even remember me. Panic began to set in. What would she tell my mom? Or would she? Melissa, or Ms. Thompson as I knew her when I was a budding teenager, was a dear friend of my moms. She, along with several other women used to get together weekly and play cards or dominoes . But mostly they sipped on a drink or two and gossiped. Ms. Thompson was a beautiful women who never married. Her life's companion became the business she was left to care for. Ms. Thompson had always been overtly friendly towards me. She always snuggled me close to her bosom when she hugged me hello. She made it a habit to cradle my face with both hands, then kiss my forehead each time she hugged me. The sweet fragrance of her perfume intoxicated this young hormonal boy. Little did either of us know then, how those memories helped shape our futures. It was her image I saw in my mind the first time I masturbated. I don't remember what else I could have been thinking. It was just an image of her beautiful smile and my face safely tucked between her large breasts. I was young and had zero sexual experience. All I knew was it felt damn good to release whatever that pressure was that had been building in my loins. I often found myself masturbating while thinking about her. One such time stands out as pretty memorable. I was about 16-17 at the time and had experienced quite a growth spurt. I was over six foot tall and playing sports, which helped chisel my young physique. I happened to open the front door to let her in for one of their get togethers . Ms. Thompson hadn't seen me in a year or so, so she was pleasantly surprised to see my new stature. When she gave me her usual 'hello' hug, she held on to me for an extended minute, letting her hands subtly feel my bulging arms. I wondered to myself if she had felt the instant erection as she had given me. She had to lean up on her tiptoes to kiss my forehead. The feel of her warm breasts dragging up my chest made my cock ache. I said my 'hellos' and excused myself to my room. My cock was begging to be beaten to death. I pushed my bedroom door with my hand as I entered, but it didn't close completely. I laid there on my bed, rubbing my cock through my sweat pants as I listened to Ms. Thompson tell my mom what a handsome grown up young man I was becoming. Hearing her talk about me only made my cock harder. I sneaked down the hall on my hands and knees, and listened to them talk. She had such a soothing sexy voice. I could only imagine what her kisses tasted like, or how it would be to feel her breasts. She sat opposite from my vantage point. I watched intently as her dress opened and closed as her legs moved when she talked. Each movement gave me a glimpse of her silky smooth inner thighs. At one point, I was certain she saw me crouched behind the chair, staring at her. If she did, she never let on. But interestingly enough, after the glance my direction, she shifted her position and discretely adjusted the hem of her dress higher. The new view between her legs showed off her stockings and a glimpse of her white panties. I suddenly came to my senses when I heard Ms. Thompson ask to use the ladies room. My mom pointed towards the one down the long hall, next to my bedroom. Ms. Thompson sat politely, listening to the end of a story told by another woman before excusing herself. I bolted down the hallway and halfway closed the door behind me. My cock was about to explode. I dropped my sweats to the floor and flung myself backwards on my bed, with my open legs facing the slightly open door. I gave my aching cock a few good strokes. The veins in my cock proudly bulged as they delivered fresh blood to my erection. Instead of hearing the bathroom door close behind her, I heard nothing. That meant either she didn't come down the hall, or she was watching the show. Either way, I was too worked up to stop. I pumped my cock like a madman and shot a large forceful stream of cum upward like a spewing volcano. I let out an innocent moan as I pumped at my cock several more times. Each jerking motion of my hand forced another eruption towards the ceiling. My mind danced with images of fucking Ms.Thompson. I laid there as cum continued to ooze over my hand and matted my young pubic hair together. It felt too good to even release my grip. Ten to fifteen seconds later I heard the bathroom door close. It would be years before I knew whether or not Ms. Thompson had actually witnessed my careless act of self pleasure. How I found out is part of the story. Veronica's Aunt Melissa had been one of my clients, or lovers if you wish. She by far, was one of my favorites. The fact that I had known her for so long, and that she was a friend of my family's, only deepened my attraction to her. Melissa was a beautiful woman in her forties with luscious , premature whitish-silvery hair. She had never married and maintained her shapely youthful figure all her adult life. It was Melissa who wound up introducing me to Veronica. It happened innocently. After a year or so of dating, Veronica and I married. Through all my dealings as a paid Boy Toy , Veronica never knew about my exploits. She certainly never knew that I fucked her Aunt once or twice weekly for about a year. The month before Veronica and I married, Melissa and I reluctantly decided it best to halt our sessions together. It was a shame. We had really great sex together. I loved fucking that woman! We made magic happen. Only once after I married had I been really tempted to have sex with Melissa. Melissa had joined us for dinner as she frequently did. After dinner, and a couple of drinks, she excused herself to a bathroom down the hall. I sat sipping a drink as Veronica cleared the table. I watched Melissa sexily walk towards the bathroom. As she turned to go in, she stopped, and looked directly at me for a long seductive moment. As she stared at me, her hand stroked the door frame like it was a giant cock. As I had done to her years earlier, she left the door slightly ajar, hoping to draw the 'moth' towards the proverbial open flame. Veronica said she was going to go change and would be back shortly. "Make us all another drink Love." Veronica purred in my ear. With Veronica a safe distance away in our master suite, I stole down the hallway towards the sliver of light. As I drew near, the faint moans of her pleasure became more distinct. I slowly opened the door. She sat on the toilet with her dress around her waist, fingers pounding her fur covered cunt. She stared at me as she came, body trembling and a flood of her juices splashing into the water below. With her eyes fixed on mine, she soaked her fingers up good with her sweet juices. With all the lust she could muster, she stood, and walked towards me, her dress still gathered around her hips. She stopped inches from my face and fed her cum coated fingers to me as I stood in the bathroom doorway, watching her. After sucking every last drop of her gooey treat from her fingers, she gently pushed me away from her and closed the door in my face. She left me standing there with a raging hard on , wanting her more than I had wanted anyone in a long time. We never spoke of that happening. Nothing like that happened again for a long time. Better judgment kept us a safe distance apart. Both of us knew that if, and when it happened, it would spell trouble neither of us wanted to accept responsibility for. But, the opportunity eventually did come. We knew it would, we knew we would not be able to fight off the animal magnetism we had shared for so long. Veronica and I had been married just over three years when we hosted a surprise birthday party for Melissa at our home. It was a small quaint group of about 20-25. Mostly it was clients and vendors of the business Melissa owned, and where Veronica was being groomed to one day take over. Throughout the evening Melissa had tempered her drinking, only having a drink here and there while guests mingled and toasted her. She played footsies with me under the table for a while as dinner was served. I guessed she wondered if she still had the ability to get a rise out of me. Once she even slid her foot between my legs. She stopped short for fear guests, or worse yet, her niece , might notice. But Melissa was quite certain she had put me on notice. Throughout the evening, her casual glances caught my eyes more than once and her expressions spoke volumes as to what she wanted as a birthday present from me. Veronica was a different story, young vibrant, passionate, imaginative. We had terrific sex. She was a virgin when we married and took to heart the notion of becoming a 'student' of sexual pleasure. Veronica was in truth, an animal in bed. She was willing to try just about anything in bed. What she had resisted for all those years, she more than made up for with her unquenchable sexual appetite . Having fucked her Aunt for so long, I often wondered what it would have been like to have fucked Veronica's mother. The last of the guests said their goodbyes and pecked at Melissa's cheeks on their way out. Veronica parted our company ahead of us to make each of us an evening cocktail. Veronica had had a bit more to drink than Melissa, and behaved as such. Melissa rubbed herself against me as we turned to walk towards the
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great room for a night cap. "I haven't had a chance to personally thank you for the party Howdy." Melissa teasingly whispered as we walked. I knew she wanted it. And she knew I wanted to give it to her. Her sweet musky scent taunted my nostrils. Ever since she had slipped her cum coated fingers in my mouth that night, I had enjoyed reoccuring fantasies of fucking her again. Melissa and Veronica collapsed on the couch next to each other, giggling and acting more affectionate than I had ever seen between them. I kept my distance and sat in a chair across from the both of them. One drink turned into three, soon, they were both slurring words and high fiving every stupid word that erupted from their mouths. Melissa doted over Veronica to the point I wasn't sure if she was coming on to her, or just being an overly friendly drunk. Melissa's spaghetti straps had fallen off her shoulders and the top half of her tits jiggled as she laughed and leaned back and forth. Veronica took notice and pulled at the top of her dress down, exposing one very hard nipple. Melissa looked down at her tit, then at me, then at Veronica and they busted out laughing. Veronica, not to be outdone, unbuttoned her own blouse all together, letting her pendulous breasts fall out of her lacy bra. I maintained my gaze on these two beauties as they 'sparred' back and forth. Soon, both were bare breasted and comparing cup size, firmness and nipple hardness. Both of them had their skirts pulled to mid thigh as they flailed their legs about as they spoke and laughed hard at each other as only drunks can do. I already knew Veronica wore no panties , and was delighted to catch glimpse of Melissa's sweet silvery fur capped cunt. My cock raged to fuck them both, but I waited for one of them to make the first move. The words 'dance' and 'music' got mentioned in the same alcohol induced sentence and soon, rock and roll blared through out the house. I sat sipping my drink, and watched as the two of them clinked one toast after another to each other. Then they kicked off their shoes and got up on the 6'x6' marble coffee table and danced like lookers. Each song made them naughtier and more vulgar. With dresses bunched up between their outstretched legs, they took turns wiggling and bouncing their asses at each other, only to be greeted by hard swats. I had never seen either of them behave so crudely, but I was savoring every moment. Soon they were bouncing titties off of each other as they titty slapped back and forth. Then they held a very long embrace and exchanged all the lovie dovie love yous to each other. Veronica broke from the embrace and gave her Aunt Melissa a tender short kiss on the lips. Then she turned, nearly fell off the table and walked towards me, extending her hand for me to get up. Despite my mild protests, she pulled me from the chair. Immediately, both of them commented on my bulging erection, then they both giggled like school girls. Veronica pulled me into a threesome kind of slow dance as we all three made meaningful eye contact back and forth. We three kissed back and forth as the dance became a slow bump and grind. I had no idea where this was going, but I was ready for whatever. Soon, Veronica had her ass pressed against my cock as she wiggled about. Melissa and I sandwiched Veronica between us as we danced. The girls danced bare chest to bare chest. Melissa held Veronica snugly in her grasp as she peered over Veronica's shoulder at me. As she and my wife ground their hips together, Melissa gave me the most sultry naughty look I have ever seen. My cock was ready to explode! I felt Veronica's hand slide between us and take hold of my cock, giving it a few tugs as she worked her ass against me. Then Veronica's hands wrapped around Melissa's waist, holding her tight as we all three swayed to the slow music. Veronica took Melissa's hands in hers and pulled them around her waist. Then I felt four hands groping at my straining hard cock. Melissa pulled Veronica close her face against her neck. I leaned down and stole a brief kiss from Melissa as we held Veronica between us. Her hungry eyes told me tonight was going to make up for three years of no fucking. I kissed the other side of Veronica's neck as she squirmed between us. My hands somehow became trapped between the breasts of these two women I loved, and loved fucking. We danced for several moments, even after the music stopped. Then in a sobering gesture, Veronica sort of, snapped out of it. She hugged Melissa tightly, and kissed her cheek. "I'm going to bed." she softly said. "You two behave yourselves." We both kissed Veronica goodnight and watched her slip down the hallway into the master bedroom. She didn't even bother closing the door. I'm not sure if she wanted to hear what might happen between Melissa and me, or was too drunk to care. Melissa and I stood there silently, watching Veronica fumble for buttons and zippers as she finally slipped into bed naked. Melissa turned to me and said she was going to bed too. "I hope you don't mind Howdy, but I'm sleeping in your bed with you two." she boldly announced. She moved close to me, alcohol briefly masking the scent of her wet cunt, and kissed me on the lips. Melissa slowly lowered her hand across my raging hard on . "Sweet dreams Howdy.' she cooed. I watched Melissa shaysha down the hallway into our bedroom. She turned to face me as she slowly, teasingly, undressed. Melissa ran her fingers down her tummy and her hand disappeared between her legs. My cock was tortured watching her strip, Then she turned and climbed into the bed wearing only her thigh highs. She took my side of the bed, leaving only the middle for me. Oh well, I thought. I went through the house, locking doors and turning off lights before making my way to the bedroom. Veronica and Melissa laid on opposite sides of the bed, facing away from the middle, as if forcing me to make a decision. I undressed and crawled up from the middle of the bed, pulling covers, exposing their naked bodies. They both squirmed, slightly adjusting their poses. I sat there on my knees, studying one, then the other. Both had such magnificent bodies. I slid under the covers between them. The aroma of their perfumes, alcohol and fresh pussy juices made my senses feel totally alive. I had already decided that I was not going to fall asleep with a cock full of sperm. It was going to be deposited somewhere between one of these lovelies legs. Out of marital obligation I suppose, I rolled towards Veronica first, and pulled her towards my throbbing member. She moved just a bit, nestling the length of my cock between her ass crack. She barely acklowledged my presence. One, maybe two half hearted pushes with her hips towards my throbbing cock and she was out cold. I kissed her neck and ear as my hands roamed across her breasts and tummy, then to her beautifully trimmed bush. With little to no response, I pulled her face towards mine, and kissed her unresponsive lips. Even as my fingers parted her wet lips and dug forcefully inside her, she barely budged. I rolled onto my back, then turned to face Melissa. She was laying there, staring at me, waiting. I traced her lips with my fingertips and she parted them, extending her tongue to lick the juices from Veronica's young pussy. Her breathing was heavy and methodical. I ran my hand slowly down her face to her neck, slightly gripping it, as I had done many times before when we fucked. She closed her eyes and bit at her lower lip as I tightened my stroking grip. She made faint grunting noises as my hand slid down her chest, taking one firm breast then the other, squeezing each of them firmly as she likes it. I pinched and pulled at her hard nipples as her fingers continued to rub at her pussy. Then Melissa released her grip on her cunt to make way for my thick long fingers as they slid effortlessly between her wet lips. She opened her mouth to moan and I covered her mouth with my other hand, holding it in place as I roughly fingered her. Her legs were splayed widely as she thrust herself wildly against my probing fingers. She came quickly in muffled cries as I dug deep inside her wet cavity. Her body trembled and jerked as the first wave of orgasms coursed through her neglected body. Melissa quickly turned away from me, shoving her ass towards my raging hard on . She reached between her outstretched legs and guided the bulbous head up and down her wet slit. After a few good rubs against her clit, she shoved herself backwards, impaling her hot cunt on my thick 8" of thrusting cock. Melissa and I loved angry, hot, hard sex. I had to keep my hand over her mouth for the most part so as not to wake Veronica. We restrained ourselves from the usual rough sex, but we both came quickly. Our breathing was heavy and labored, my load of hot cum swirled inside her own orgasm as my slow thrusting cock mixed our juices inside her. Melissa and I wrapped our arms around each other, holding each other tightly as we kissed. Then I felt a new sensation, another set of hands on my back. The warm breath of Veronica was on the back of my neck, kissing my neck and ear from behind. Her large tits pressed hard into my back as she ground her pussy against my ass cheeks. She writhed and squirmed against me. I rolled on to my back to find my cock hungry wife somehow miraculously revived and ready to be fucked. Her hands slid up and down my cum coated shaft. She looked across me at Melissa. Then Veronica kissed her way down my stomach and engulfed my throbbing cock with her mouth. She licked every trace of Melissa's cum from my throbbing cock. Then with another glance at Melissa, Veronica straddled my face. Melissa didn't wait for an invitation and climbed onto my cock. She gasped loudly as she forced herself down violently on me. She had taken Veronica's actions as permission to fuck her husband. Melissa was like a wild woman, thrashing about on my cock as she fucked me the only way she loved, hard and filled with all the pent up frustrations she normally held inside. Watching her husband fuck not only another woman, but her dear Auntie, was a new emotion for Veronica to deal with. She handled it quite well I think. Veronica had the sweetest tasting pussy I had ever had my mouth on. It was like eating fresh fruit. Her cunt was meaty and juicey. She rubbed at her clit as she rocked back and forth on my face. My hands were all over both of them. I gripped Veronica's ass cheeks, spread them and tongued her tight little asshole. We had never done that before and from her reaction, she loved it. Her legs tightened and she threw her head backwards as her thighs squeezed my head. Then she squirted her sweet nectar across my face and chest. Veronica collapsed forward, her face on Melissa's thigh, near my cock. I'm sure the musky scent of sex permeated her nostrils. Seeing Veronica cum so hard triggered Melissa's own hard orgasm and she came in a flurry of naughty name calling as she bounced violently up and down on my cock. Her orgasm flowed across my stomach, soaking Veronica's hair. Melissa ran her hands up and down Veronica's back, all the way to her supple ass cheeks, squeezing them, spreading them for my tasting pleasure. Then Melissa leaned over Veronica and gave her a hard ass slap. It so startled her that she squeeled and sat up abruptly, staring at Melissa with disbelief. Then Veronica retaliated with a playful pinch to Melissa's hard nipple. They both leaned forward and shared a sweet lingering kiss as they giggled. Melissa embraced Veronica in a death grip as they both straddled me. Then she smothered her with kisses, telling her how much she loved her. As she leaned forward, she caused the tip of my cock to press firmly on her G-spot and Melissa's expression immediately turned tense and she ground herself hard on my cock as she came a second time. Veronica squeezed at Melissa's tits as she shook hard and let out a deep hard moan. They both lifted themselves off of me and held each other tightly as their juices dripped onto me. Melissa apologized for getting cum all over Veronica's long hair, and Veronica said 'it's okay', blah blah blah. They gave each other a little peck to the lips. Then Melissa lowered herself back onto my cock, wiggling herself down on me completely, and leaned forward to caress Veronica's sweet face with her hand, she brushed the hair from her face with her fingers and whispered to Veronica, "Thank you for my birthday present Veronica!"

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