Arab Whore Sucks Cock 20 Minutes And Still Wants

Arab Whore Sucks Cock 20 Minutes And Still Wants

During my freshman year at college I found that the best parties were at the fraternities. There was always plenty to drink and plenty of hot guys. While my roommate Kim and I were at the football games we were often invited to several frat parties. We couldn’t decide which to go to, so we decided that we would hit several. They were all close enough to stumble to. We got four other girls from our dorm floor to go as a group. We all got dressed up, looking hot but not to slutty. I was wearing a short skirt and a top that showed off what cleavage I had. We headed down the road to the Pi Kappa Alph house. The guys there eagerly let us in and gave us drinks. We danced a little and drank a little but the party was rather boring. We all decided to walk to the SigEp house.A couple of the SigEp’s met us at the door and escorted us to their party room. We soon all had drinks and were meeting some of the cute guys there. My roommate seemed to know several of them. Jake, Steve and Ken all introduced themselves to us. They were all cute tall guys. Ken was six foot tall, Steve about six foot too and Jake about was a little taller. All three looked in good shape. We downed our first drink and the guys dragged us onto the dance floor. We danced to several songs as a group but the guys wanted to stop to get another drink. Somehow we lost track of our dorm friends. My roommate told me they had left while we were dancing. Kim and Steve had seemed to be pairing up, leaving both Ken and Jake hitting on me. Steve suggested that we play quarters, Kim and I both knew they were just trying to get us drunk. But they were cute so we were okay with it. We all agreed and went to a table in the back while Jake got a pitcher of beer, a glass and a quarter. What they didn’t know was that I had played a little before. They let Kim go first and she missed passing the glass and quarter to me. I bounced the quarter into the glass on my first try. I gave Jake the first drink. They handed me back the quarter say it was make till you miss. I sank the second try giving that drink to Ken. I intentionally missed the third time feeling guilty about hogging the game. Steve hit his shot and made Kim drink. We played a few more rounds with everybody drinking some. We were all getting pretty drunk when Kim said that Steve was going to show her his room. I knew what that meant, so I gave her a hug. She asked me if I was going to be ok. I told her I would be fine with Ken and Jake. We ended the quarter’s game because they couldn’t beat me and I wanted to dance. We continued to drink till we were stumbling a bit. I fell into the guys several times allowing them to put their hands all over me. Ken seemed to be grabbing my tits any chance he got. The party was winding down and I started to tell the guys I had to leave to walk home. Ken grabbed me and said that I shouldn’t go because I was in no shape to walk home and they were in no shape to drive me back to the dorm. Jake said that I could go crash in his room. I protested till Jake picked me up and said that they were going to take me to his room for my own good. I put my arms around Jake’s neck as he cradled me. As carried he me I lay my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. We got to Jake’s room and we all fell on to the bed. I was in Jake’s lap with Ken sitting next to me. The room was spinning as I could feel how drunk I had gotten. Jake’s hands were around me holding me on his lap. His hand started creeping up from my waist to my tits. Jake started rubbing my tits over my shirt with both of his hands. I felt his head come around from behind me and start kissing me on the neck. Even though I was pretty drunk it still felt good. I moved my head to face him and our lips met. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and kept rubbing my tits. I felt another hand on my thigh that I knew had to be Ken. Ken was rubbing my thigh going higher and higher up my leg. As we were kissing Jake started unbuttoning my shirt. I moaned as Jake got my shirt open and slid his hand under my bra. Ken’s hand was going higher and I was debating what to do. I reached down and grabbed his hand. I moved his hand over to his own leg never breaking the kiss with Jake. Jake then pulled back from me and quickly removed my shirt and bra. It hit me that I was sitting half naked with two guys in a frat room. I knew I should stop them but their hands on me were feeling pretty good. Ken leaned in and kissed me while Jake started kissing my tits. Ken plunged his tongue into my mouth and grabbed the tit that Jake wasn’t kissing. I was getting really turned on with these two cute guys were kissing and rubbing my tits. As Jake had moved to the side of me to kiss and lick my nipples there was nothing supporting me from behind. I flopped back on the bed with a plop. Both guys moved down to each suck on a tit. Jake’s hand was now in my lap while he kissed my boob. He slipped his hand under my skirt and started to rub my already wet pussy over my panties. My head was spinning between the alcohol and guys kissing all over me. If I didn’t stop them at that point; I was feeling there would be no stopping. I wasn't sure what to do so I just lay there. I started to feel my skirt a
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nd panties being pulled down. Jake pulled my skirt and panties off and tossed them aside. Being on a bed naked with two hot guys kissing me was making my pussy wetter. Jake had moved down below me spreading my legs. His tongue found my pussy and he started licking me. I let out a moan as his tongue pushed though my pussy lips. I had lost track of Ken as he wasn’t kissing my tits anymore. I closed my eyes hoping to stop the bed from spinning and enjoy just Jake enjoy licking my pussy. I felt a hand on my head turning me to the side. I opened my eyes to see a hard cock staring me in the face. Ken was standing there naked with his dick in his hand. He put his cock up to my mouth. I was half afraid I would throw up on his dick, but I opened my mouth and let him slide it in a little. I started sucking his cock and rubbing it with one hand. Jake suddenly stopped licking my pussy. I couldn’t see him because I had Ken’s dick in my mouth. I felt I was being pulled to end of the bed and the pulling caused me to let Ken’s dick slip out of my mouth. I looked down and saw that Jake was naked and lining up his cock with my pussy. He pulled my legs up and shoved his dick into me. Ken moved down and put his dick back up to my lips. If there was no going back before, I certainly couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to. And at this point I didn’t want to stop. Jake’s dick felt good sliding in and out of my pussy, while I was enjoying Ken’s cock in my mouth. My only fear at this point was that Ken would cum in my mouth causing me to throw up. I slowed down sucking him while Jake banged away at my pussy. Jake started pumping faster and groaning. Jake grunted and shot a load of creamy cum deep in my pussy. Ken shouted that it was his turn and the guys switched places. Ken shoved his cock into my pussy and Jake lay next to me. Ken’s dick didn’t feel as big as Jake’s but I was enjoying the feeling of his dick in my pussy already wet with Jake’s cum. Jake kissed me and then started playing with my tits. Jake was bent over kissing my tits when I turned my head getting my first real look at his cock. It was soft now but still looked long. I reached over and started stroking him. His dick was still slimy, covered with his cum and my pussy juice. It didn’t take many strokes till Jake was hard again. I started jacking him off while squeezing his dick. Jake stood up to allow me better access to his cock. About that time Ken started grunting and he came in my pussy. Jake with his dick now hard again said he was going to have another turn with me. Jake turned me over and got me on my hands and knees. I was afraid he was going to try and fuck me in the ass, so I put my hand over my asshole and just said “no.” He got the hint and put his hard dick in my pussy that was now dripping with both guys cum. The feeling of his cock in my pussy that was filled with their cum was incredible. The sloppiness of it was driving me crazy. I started bucking my hips into his cock as he fucked me. Ken put his dick up to my mouth to suck it but I was too close to cumming to be able to concentrate on sucking his dick. I started to cum shaking my whole body. I collapsed on to the bed unable to hold myself up. Jake rolled me over and finished fucking me after cumming in me a second time. Jake pulled his dick out and looked at Ken whose dick was up again. I didn’t move, I just stayed on the bed with my legs spread. Ken moved in and shoved his dick into me again. He said to Jake that he was, 'taking his turn now'. In my head I was thinking how many turns do they think they got??? At this point I was too exhausted and drunk to move as Ken fucked me. It didn’t seem to bother Ken that I wasn’t moving as he fucked me. I think I may have even gone out for a moment as he was having me. I seemed to wake up just as he was cumming in me again. I had my eyes closed when I felt another dick going in me. I opened my eyes to see Jake fucking me for the third time. They must not have been as drunk as I was to keep getting it up over and over. I looked over to see Ken stroking his dick trying to get it hard. I was sure he was thinking that if Jake was going to fuck me three times then he should too. I could feel the cum sloshing out of my pussy as Jake fucked me. I could tell Jake was getting tired. He grunted and came a third time or at least I thought he came, I really couldn't feel if he shot any more into me or not. Ken’s dick was only semi hard and he tried shoving it in my pussy, but he gave up after a few tries. He looked at Jake and said he was going to bed. Ken high fived Jake and left the room. I woke up the next day with a splitting head ach and a sore pussy. There was a big wet spot on the bed under my ass. I had crusty cum all around my pussy and down my legs. Jake was asleep next to me. I found my cloths and quickly dressed. I woke Jake up and asked him to drive me back to my dorm. He smiled as let me out and said that I should come back next weekend. I found my way back to my room where Kim’s bed was empty. I couldn’t help but wonder if she had been fucked as many times as I had. I jumped in the shower and rubbed my well fucked pussy and thought about going back next weekend...

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