Brunette Milf Gets Erotic Massage With Lots Of Oil

Brunette Milf Gets Erotic Massage With Lots Of Oil

“This is it. He’s coming here.” She bites her lips as she reads the flight details he sent via email. They’ve been chatting and exchanging emails for over a year now, talking about everything and anything under the sun. The connection was there from the very start, the light teasing and easy flirting, the random topics and jokes, and the companionship. It was a bit hard with the time difference, him being busy with his work, and her being a post-grad student, but she’d smile and feel good whenever they’d chat. He had said that he’d come and meet her but she did take him seriously until he actually made concrete plans for it. She grabbed the pillow beside her, hugged it hard and buried her face in it to prevent herself from screaming and waking everyone up. She felt so happy; giddy, excited, wonderful and yes, a tad bit horny, too. She rushed to her closet and rummaged to find what she would wear when she met him at the airport. A dress? Or would jeans and shirt be more casual? Dress to seduce? Or dress to be the girl next door? Choices, choices… He was drinking his10 th cup of coffee for the day, tired, worn-out, fatigued and through it all, happy. The stress filled week of tying-up loose ends in the company is about to end. He actually has been able to get a two-week leave. Well, almost two weeks, since it was only ten days but he gets to spend it with her. Someone who always makes him smile through a hard day with a message and helped him open up to people. Thinking about her now cut through all the stress that has built up and got him smiling, and yes, made a tent in his pants. With a sigh, he got back to work. Just a few more days and he’s going to meet her. She was standing on her toes at the airport terminal, craning her neck for the sight of him. “Damn all these tall people. Why do I have to be short?” she grumbled. Then she saw him through the crowd and she smiled and walked fast, almost running and stopped in front of him and simply said, “Hi.” He gazed at her, her small frame covered in a pretty red button-up cotton sundress, he dropped his bags and smiled and hugged her, “I thought you said you’d give me hug?” “I believe it was supposed to be a handshake and then a hug,” she whispered to his ear while hugging him back. She breathed deeply and smiled. “Let’s go. It’s crowded here.” He grabbed his bags in one hand and took hers in the other. They walked hand in hand outside the airport, both of them giddy as children with silly smiles plastered on their faces. He kept on playing with her hands as they walked and got in a cab. Their smiles growing by the minute, she was biting her lips in giddiness. He kissed her hand, gave a tiny bite, looked at her and said, “You’re beautiful.” She blushed. “Thank you.” Both of them grinned, paused and said together, “Thanks won’t do.” She smiled and gave him a big hug and cuddled into him. The cab stopped in front of his hotel and out they went. They went in, still hand in hand and smiling like crazy before checking into a room with a breath taking view of the bay. He dropped his bag the moment they entered the room and hugged her tightly. “I’ve wanted to do that since forever. You do feel soft and cuddly.” She laughed a little and hugged him back, “I know, silly. And I can feel you.. you know.” She added grinning evilly, “I think someone needs attention.” He hugged her tighter and kissed her. “Would you like me to freshen up a little first?” “Mmmmm… No, I like the way you smell, all manly and rumpled.” “Then I’m all yours honey.” He traced her face with a finger, looked at her and smiled. “You are too cute,” he whispered to her before kissing her deep. A kiss that went on and on until both of them are breathless. His hand caressed her neck, the other around the small of her back holding her close against him. Her hands wrapped around his neck, and she looked at him and smiled. They walked to the bed, kissing their way to it; he laid her down and
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looked at her smiled back and went to kiss her neck, giving little nibbles along the way. He started unbuttoning her dress, one by one, paying attention to every flesh uncovered, giving it kisses, and bites and licks. Unhooked her bra and lavishly sucked at her breast, kissing and sucking alternately. He traced her lips with a finger, teasing her with his feathery touch. She smiled and placed her hands inside his shirt, tugging it to be removed. Off the shirt went, his hand went to reach for her lace covered mound, teasing her clit and bent down to kiss her full on the lips. She kissed him and wrapped her arms around him and rolled, her long hair raining down on him. She started kissing her way down, teasing him much like how he teased her. She removed his belt and pushed his pants down, breathed warm air to his boxers, feeling him get even harder. She smiled and took him out, holding him lightly, and giving little licks everywhere. A moan escaped his lips and he held the sheets tightly. She bathed his tip with her tongue, all the while looking at him and gently squeezing his whole length. Her tongue gave him a long slow lick from the base to the tip before opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around his cock. She slides her head down taking him deep inside her mouth, his hips start to move in rhythm with her head and moans could be heard from him which just excites her more. She alternated sucking and licking him, keeping him at the point of cumming but not really all the while stealing sexy, lusty glances at him. His breathing was faster and deeper and she knew he was close to cumming. She started moving her head faster, taking him deeper each time, sucking him harder. His muscles tensed and he came hard inside her mouth. She swallowed his seed, liking the sweet taste of him inside her. He panted and pulled her up against him. Catching his breath, he said, “That was wonderful honey.” He rolled over her and grinned. “And now it’s your turn.” He pinned her hands over her head, and licked her up like candy, starting at the top, giving her long deep kisses, nibbling her neck and shoulders, sucking her nipples to hardness. He uncovered every nook and cranny of her body, learned what her made her moan and sigh. Would it be a touch here, a kiss there or a gentle bite? He worked his way down to her mound, slid a finger inside her panties and pushed it down her hips and ankles. A breathe of warm air over her pussy sent shivers along her spine. He breathed her scent in and parted her folds and saw her sparkling juices spilling from her, drank her juices fast, not letting a drop of it go to waste and caused her to moan deeply. His tongue danced inside her, going inside, out and everywhere. A finger joined in and went inside her warm sheath, prodding and searching for her sensitive spot. A gasp from her confirmed that he found it. Pushing his finger in and out, he made sure he hit the spot every time. His tongue never left her clit with her body writhing in pleasure, moans and heavy breathing escaping from her lips. An orgasm rolled upon her. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her body. Teasing and making her come made him hard again, harder than he could ever believe he ever would be. He raised himself and kissed her still trembling mouth, their juices mixing with each other in their lips. She opened her legs wide and he positioned his cock to enter her. A single push sent him to the hilt, their moans mixing with each other. She wrapped her legs around his waist, wanting to feel him deeper inside her tunnel. Their hips moved in sync with each other, and they looked into each other’s eyes. Emotions swirled, love, lust, desire, friendship. He kissed her once more, knowing that they’re both close to the end; her muscles contracted around him and started to milk him sending him to his own release. He hugged her close and rolled, not wanting to crush her beneath him and stroked her hair. She snuggled into him, took a deep breath and just relished the feeling of being in her lover’s arms.

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